Art 2016 Digital Art FINAL PROJECTS

Final Projects for Digital Art Mixed-Media may use tactile materials or traditional art techniques at the beginning or the end of your process. Please take good images of your final project, and include steps or process images along the way.

Upload all the work to iPhoto, make an album, export the album as a web gallery and post it to your MYWEB Samba site. Send me an email of the link with your short paragraph about how you approached the final project. Include materials and techniques and problems you solved along the way. PUT your name and FINAL PROJECT in the subject line of your email to me.

THANKS!! Joellyn

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FINAL PROJECT CHOICES / post your plan

Final Projects must integrate the concept of DIGITAL ART MIXED-MEDIA. Your approach may use tactile materials or traditional art techniques at the beginning or the end of your process. Your final project plan must outline your step by step plan, and describe the final format you will turn in for grading. More info in class!


Work with personal ideas about sleep and dreams to develop a conceptual approach to the theme. Create original imagery on the sleep/dream theme using digital tools. Images may be illustrative, abstract, photographic or any mix. Experiment with tactile media and iron-on image transfer process to integrate digital imagery onto fabric. Use both compositional space and limited materials inventively to solve this problem. Craft a final mixed-media work that creatively uses both sides of a cotton pillowcase. Inspiration on blog:

Option 2: NATURE MEETS MACHINE / Create a work of digital mixed-media art that explores the relationship between the natural world and technology. Respond honestly to your own experience with digital media and daily life. Work with imagery and mixed-media to express your thoughts about how to strike balance in the digital age. Works may be in any materials, but must integrate both digital media and nature in some way.

Option 3: RE-MIXED-MEDIA using imagery from NARRATIVE or Other Previous Project
Revisit the Narrative project, using the imagery you have already created in an alternative format. This could take the form of a wearable work, or a mixed-media work using any digital transfer method on any materials… Some students may choose to work on a short animation or video version using their narrative images.
Link to Wearable Art examples :
Digital Narrative links:
OR Revisit any earlier project… Develop a series of images (at least 10 iterations) Transfer the best imagery to a tactile object or unusual surface. Experiment with alternative materials such as Fabric, Wood, Glass, Metal…
Link to Tactile Media Transfers:
Link to Remix Culture:

Option 4: Mermaid Mashups
Contribute imagery or animations to the collaborative Mermaid Tales digital projections / project to be shared at the Nordic Center gallery in Duluth May 8-26. See more info in class.

Alternative Assignment / If you missed Open Studios

If you could not attend Open Studio Events on Saturday, please post your alternative assignment here. Attend one of these local arts events and write a short reflection (~150-200 words) about who what where you attended / and what was most interesting to you about the work you saw.

Events / Screenings at
Zinema 2- twin arthouse cinema
222 E Superior St, Duluth, Minnesota 55802

MONDAY April 27 @ ZINEMA 2 6pm Homegrown Music Video Festival

TUESDAY April 28 @ ZINEMA 2 7pm Zinema TuesDays Presents: Homegrown Music Video Festival (Encore Presentation)

Go see a feature film, such as Woman in Gold Now Playing at Zinema 2 (check theatre for times)
Sixty years after she fled Vienna during World War II, an elderly Jewish woman, Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), starts her journey to retrieve family possessions seized by the Nazis, among them Klimt’s famous painting ‘The Lady in Gold.’

At Zinema 2 on Monday May 4: Join Dr. Jefferson Campbell of the UMD Department of Music as he guides you on a musical journey through the films that make up the Star Wars saga. Presented in video and audio clips that demonstrate how composer John Williams uses musical devices to help tell the story from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
Tickets are just $10!

Saturday April 25 > Open Studio + Tweed Exhibit Events

Don’t Miss this Full Day of events on Saturday!

1 – 4pm : Open Studios in Art&Design Classrooms

4 – 6pm : Annual Exhibit Reception in Tweed Museum of Art

5pm : Awards Ceremony in Tweed

6 – 8pm : Rooftop Barn Dance in Bohannon Plaza


Link to Facebook Event:

On Saturday April 25, UMD’s Department of Art & Design will opens its doors to the public to view student work and facilities from 1 – 4 p.m. The Open Studio event includes classroom tours, demonstrations, hands-on activities, live music, and an affordable art sale of student work. The studios are located in Anderson Hall, Montague Hall, and the Humanities Building at 1201 Ordean Court on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus.

Some pix from previous Open Studio Events: and

After touring the Art & Design studios, the public is welcome to attend the Annual Student Exhibition Reception, which will be held at the Tweed Museum from 4 – 6 p.m. The exhibition reception will feature live music, refreshments, and an awards ceremony at 5 p.m. to announce the exhibition prizes and honor UMD Art & Design scholarship students.

This full day of events will wrap up with a rooftop barn dance in Bohannon Plaza, featuring local musicians and dance callers, Four Mile Portage, from 6 – 8 p.m. Bring a creative spirit, wear your dancing shoes!

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