Brandon + Rachael's: showcase makeover

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Graphic Design 1 :
final project of the semester
Extreme Makeover : Showcase Edition

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Green Box project


Gen Johnsen’s Green Box project

Mastering Mehndi

The kit has the supplies for making and applying the henna, as well as an informational booklet. All elements were designed to fit into the wooden box required by the green design assignment.

Extreme Makeover : Showcase Edition

Project Evaluation
Graphic Design 1 : Spring 06
Extreme Makeover : SHOWCASE EDITION

Please upload before + after jpgs of your showcase to your blog.

showcase location:
showcase client:
Describe your ideation + brainstorming process on this project:

What issues came up as you interviewed your client:

You were asked to generate two different approaches to the showcase design… what were they:

What issues came up as you began to plan + work with materials :

Evaluate the success of the concept and craft of your finished showcase:

Manifesto Poster


poster by Maria Haertel…

Maria Haertel

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Here the content of the manifesto is represented more as utopian vision, than a document of graphic agitation.
Much debate circled at the drafting of the First Things First Manifesto by leaders in the design field. Students are so removed from the professional practice of graphic design that it seems difficult for them to relate to the issues raised. Their struggles seem to exist within the power relationships of college and their families. Some seem apathetic about what they will use their skills to promote… Resigned to a vision of corporate structure in their future, they are more concerned about getting a job of any kind after graduation.

EYE Magazine : First Things First Manifesto

Rick Poynor in Emigre
I think it’s a valid assignment, and one way to have students engage in dialog about the core issues to the profession of design… Perhaps next time I will have them draft their own manifestos… about something they care about individually.
Cole’s view

Kabao’s view

Trevor’s view

Chris’s view

Gen’s view
Perhaps it’s ridiculous to require anyone to craft a manifesto!

(but wasn’t the Declaration of Independence an assignment handed to Jefferson?)

First Things First Manifesto


poster by Gen Johnsen

Early in the semester, I asked Graphic Design 3 students to begin blogging about the role of the Citizen Designer as covered by a series of essays in Steven Heller’s book. Their first assignment was to read the First Things First Manifesto drafted in the 1960s and revisited in 2000. The students designed a version of the manifesto + commented upon it on their own blogs.