Creating Links

For Help using this Moveable Type Program:

There are different ways to create BLOG Links…
One way is to use the link icon if you make an Entry in ceratin browsers (Mozilla works for this)

Auto-link URLs
This setting will dictate whether bare, unlinked URLs (e.g. should be converted to links by the system upon publishing the comment. This is a recommended setting.

BUT IF YOU WANT TO open a new window in a blog link,
you need to use special html
that you paste right into the entry in your blog


(Look in your email for the html tag I sent to you that creates links… I can’t paste it here…for reasons I don’t understand!)
BY THE WAY: we are finding that some of the browsers allow for linking right from
the new entry box…(click on the link icon in Mozilla.) BUT THEN mozilla doesn’t
always view the images you upload onto your blog! This can be frustrating. If your
blog doesn’t look right, try quitting your browser, and looking at the blog in a
different browser. (some browsers are: Safari, mozilla, explorer, firefox… they
all operate slightly differently, which is part of why it’s so hard to design for
the web!)


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