Rick Valicenti Lecture

Rick Valicenti. graphic designer
Tweed Lecture: 6:00pm, Tues, October 3
(Residency dates: October 2-4, 2006)

Please post your response comments to Rick’s lecture here:


60 thoughts on “Rick Valicenti Lecture

  1. I really enjoy looking through Ricks “Emotion as Promotion” website. The design techniques that he uses really force me to take a second look and see the design through a different perspective. The images have an underlying sense that is enjoyable to observe.


  2. Rick Valicanti’s lecture was wonderful. I envisioned it as boring at first because it would be one person talking about their work and their life. Rick mixed it up. He added many spontaneous comments and his own humor to the lecture. One of my favorite pieces was the Wrigley gum throne. It had over 18,000 pieces. I also liked the process that he went through to prove that there’s “a little bit of me in everyone.”


  3. Rick Valicenti’s presentation was a great insight into what a day in a graphic designers life is like. He’s always got several projects going and it sounds like he has a normal work day/week; unlike Kurt’s days somedays. He was a good speaker and the lecture was very enjoyable.


  4. I really enjoyed Rick Valicenti’s lecture. His style of art is obviously influenced quite a bit by the digital world around us. The way that he composes some of his work, was very interesting. It was obvious that Rick had a passion for his work and for good reason. I specifically liked the story about the houses, and how he and his interns “labeled�? them. This created something that was funny but true in a very meaningful way. After his lecture I really thought about what it means to be an artist and how you can adapt your own artistic style to all of your work. I know that he sticks to designing what he wants to because he was turned down so many times in his own career. This just proved to me how passionate and enthralled he is in his work, it motivates me in my own work.


  5. I really enjoyed Rick Valicenti’s work. I was unable to attend the lecture but I had a chance to look at his stuff online. You can see a lot of enthusiasm and passion in his work. There were a lot of things that I liked and maybe try and develope into my style. Great inspiration.


  6. I really enjoyed Rick Valicent’s lecture and work. He seemed so passionate and free about what he does. Knowing that he did projects just for the fun of it and not the money made me really appreciate his work. Rick’s views on the business and humor were so fresh and I really took a lot in from his lecture. Thanks Rick for come to UMD!


  7. Mr. Valicent’s work is extremely empowering! I was unable to attend the lecture but just from looking at his work online I can feel how connected with his work he is and how inspiring he is not only to me but everyone that truly looks at his art. Thanks for making me see what is possible and how to really break that barrio between good and amazing. Mr. Valicent’s work truly moved me to want to be better at what I am learning! Thank you!


  8. hello, UMD
    jo ellen and rob suggested i check out your blog and experience your reaction to my tueday night presentation. thank you all so much for giving’ it up to me on line as your responses have rewarded my experience in your presence and made it special. i feel very good right now. rv 10.06.06


  9. Rick’s lecture was amazing! His process and style have inspired me to think beyond what I would normally look at as art. I really enjoyed his work with the large houses, and also with the faces. I was also inspired by his advice on getting over an artistic block. His lecture was truly wonderful! I am excited to see more work from him in the future.


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