Pop Surrealism + Vinyl Toys

Ok, I’m asking all my students to post to this blog interesting things that they have noticed from visual culture. Here is what I have tuned in to over the past year or two:

I am following the artists featured in Juxtapoz magazine, whose work is sometimes categorized as Pop Surrealism. Some of this work I find too creepy or too cute, but sometimes it hits just the right edge between creepy and cute, and that intrigues me. Much of it echos with the punk art popular in the late 1970s-80s. I like the low-brow sensibility, and the way it thumbs its nose at the establishment, often with humor and decoy sweetness.

Juxtapoz magazine

Another recent passion of mine is the designer vinyl toy world. I have begun my own humble collection of these quirky artifacts and have some designs of my own on the drawing board.

About Designer Vinyl Toys::

more links in the comments::


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