Walker Art Center: Giant Robot

If you think this stuff is too silly, beware:
the Walker is taking it seriously!

Attack of the Giant Robot
Thursday, October 5th
Walker Art Center

William and Nadine McGuire Theater, 7 pm

Artist Talk: Giant Robot
From movie stars, musicians, and skateboarders to toys, technology, and history, Giant Robot magazine covers cool aspects of Asian and Asian American pop culture. In 1994, Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong launched the publication with no budget, no bureaucratic meetings, and no excuses to anyone. Demonstrating know-how and attitude from the coeditors΄ punk-rock zine background, the first Giant Robot was a stapled and photocopied digest in an edition of 240. Since then, it has grown more than 100 times larger, gaining accolades as one of the best zines from the L.A. Weekly, L.A. New Times, Wired, and Zine Guide as it tackles magazine racks around the world.

Presented by the Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council (WACTAC)


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