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Digital carpets by students in 2d Digital Design Fall 06

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Rumi Poetry Books

2d Digital Design foundations classes were introduced to the poetry of Rumi, the 13th Century mystic whose work transcends national and ethnic borders. Rumi has had a significant influence on both Persian and Turkish literature throughout the centuries and is now one of the most widely read poets in America. Students were asked to select a translated version of one of Rumi’s works and create a digital word + image interpretation of their own. Final versions take the form of mixed media accordion books.

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Book by Jared Wick


Book by Breanna Caywood

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Rumi poems

Rumi poems

Rumi poems

Digital Carpets

Students in Art 1013 : 2d Digital Design classes created their own digital carpet designs and animations using Adobe illustrator and photoshop software. Investigation of Turkish and Arabic decorative arts led to the development of motifs for border and field patterns based on symmetries evident in traditional carpet designs.

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Students first developed their designs in black and white in illustrator. After the introduction of color theory, each rendered a final carpet design using a color harmony of their own choice using photoshop. Final carpets were printed in sections and tiled to large format. Students also tested simple animation techniques possible using photoshop and imageready software. These were combined with electronica/ world music in imovie to generate a danceable light show.

carpet border design by Chris Hagen


full color carpet design by Chris Hagen


The UMD student projects will be showcased in the upcoming online exhibit:

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