Dijital Pasaj

Digital Studio students are in-process

on a new project called Dijital Pasaj,

Turkish for Digital Passageway.


Each student chose a site in Duluth to document +

transform into a short digital narrative,

imitating the technique of rotoscoping as a unifying visual style.


Gig Night story by Ben Luoma

This interactive project will become part of our exchange with Turkish students in Ankara, offering them a quirky view of our city. They will be able to access the website, clicking spots on the map interface to download the short Quicktime movies that take them on a tour of offbeat locations around town.


Lift Bridge story by Matt Mulliner

Short Descriptions of the subject matter of movies made by students for the project…

(50 – 70 words)


12 thoughts on “Dijital Pasaj

  1. Hiking in Chester Park
    By Taylor Lyons
    Come explore Chester Park, nestled in the hills of Duluth. Located about a mile from the UMD campus, it is only a short walk to this hidden winter wonderland! Winding along Chester Creek, follow the 2.5 mile Chester Park Trail through the forested hills and frozen wetlands. The trail is two headed with access at 19th Ave East and Kent Road at Chester park or at the upper end at Chester Parkway and Skyline Boulevard.


  2. Enger Tower
    By Jordan Harper

    Enger tower is located at the highest point in Duluth right off of skyline parkway. From the top of the tower there is a sweeping view of Duluth’s harbor. I choose to use Enger tower because I like being outdoors and it is the less known of Duluth’s many landmarks. While visiting Enger tower I was chased from the tower after an angry pigeon swooped at my head, clearly not enjoying my company.


  3. KUMD Campus Radio Station
    by Zach Kampa

    I chose to do this project about the radio station on campus because it combines two of my favorite things- music and art. I do a show there every week with my girlfriend and I wanted to give an inside look at the process of how a show gets made.


  4. Urban Spelunking
    By: Brit Salmela

    Throughout Duluth a tunnel system drains the rivers down to Lake Superior. The tunnels; ten feet in diameter, are large enough to walk through, but small enough to make one feel claustrophobic when far from open air. My friend Burgess is a expert “urban spelunker” and consented to be my guide. Although the thought of being several feet underground in the middle of the night with slippery winter conditions was terrifying, I was intrigued.


  5. Giving Blood at the Plasma Center
    by: Daniel McCarthy

    It’s no secret and no lie that most college students are broke. When I need money, I head down to the plasma center. It’s located in downtown Duluth on the corner of Superior St and 1st Ave N. Its fast, easy, and you basically get paid $30-40 to sit around and donate a life saving fluid. Its a friendly atmosphere that could make even the most needle-phobic feel at ease. So you’re doing a good deed and getting paid!


  6. Graffiti Graveyard
    By: Kevin Marx

    The Graffiti Graveyard is a amazing place of filth and beauty that lies in a urban cave like structure located under interstate 35 in the middle of downtown. The entrance to this place is not well known and difficult to find. The graffiti graveyard is a quarter mile gallery of creativity painted on concrete and evokes a very calm feeling for being right under a busy highway.


  7. Vintage Duluth Clothing Store
    By: Samantha Prudhon

    I chose Vintage Duluth as my location because I enjoy thrift stores and antique shops and Vintage Duluth is a combination of both. Everything in Vintage Duluth has a history attached to it. They carry items ranging from old prom and wedding dresses to discarded sweaters. Vintage Duluth is located on Superior Street in downtown Duluth, a prime location for a treasure hunt.


  8. 21st Avenue Overpasses
    By: Graham Harriman

    The overpasses are not the most touristic place in Duluth but, I wanted to show an abstract place that many would find interesting. This area in Duluth is a main artery to the commute to Duluth that holds much history and beauty. Although this place is mostly hidden from the activity of the highways above, these overpasses have much to offer to the tourist looking for a unique experience in Duluth.


  9. The Aeriall LIft Bridge
    by Matt Mulliner

    The Aerial Lift Bridge is a very unique bridge in Duluth. It rises to let boats pass. The bridge rises on average 5,500 per year giving ships access to the Duluth port. It is just past Canal Park on Lake Street. The bridge makes for some really interesting experiences, like the one I had late on a cold October night.


  10. Duluth Pack Store
    By: Natalie St.Marie

    I am one of the many people in Duluth that enjoys the outdoors. In order to be able to really enjoy exploring the North Shore you need to have the right gear. Duluth Pack offers everything you would need for a successful trip. Duluth Pack has been around since 1882 and the creative staff continues to hand-stitch their quality canvas and leather packs. Duluth Pack is located in Canal Park.


  11. Chester Bowl Ski Hill
    By: Brandon Raggette

    Chetser Bowl is one of my favorite places to spend time during the winter. because of its location, on Skyline Parkway, its easy accessable to everyone, and offers an escape from the mobs of people swarming the runs at Spirit Mountain. It may not be a very big hill, but puts you high enough to get a beautiful view of Duluth from the top. With acres of trees and the old ski jumps for scenery, a ride down this hill is one you won’t soon forget.


  12. Fitger’s Brewhouse

    By Benjamin Luoma

    Fitger’s Brewhouse is a restaurant and brewery located in the Fitger’s Complex along Lake Superior’s shore line. I chose this location because it’s a great place for people of all ages to take in local live music. It’s multi-level room is perfect for diverse audience preferences because not everybody likes being at the front of the crowd at the front of the stage. Some like to sit back, relax, maybe have some dinner, and take in the experience in a more casual setting. Whatever your preferences are, The Brewhouse caters to all types of listeners.


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