Unsoiled : Ceramics Panel Discussion

Unsoiled: Nature/Culture Themes in Clay
Tweed Panel Discussion and Opening
Tues Sept 18th, 2007
6 – 8pm in the Tweed Museum of Art

Please join us at the reception and panel discussion for this ceramics show curated by Jim Klueg. Unsoiled features the work of ceramic artists from afar, as well as several UMD faculty.

See more about the show here:




4 thoughts on “Unsoiled : Ceramics Panel Discussion

  1. I really enjoied the show! I was so interested in the work that time went by fast. I was inspired by Holly Jorde’s work. I loved her “Dragon Lotus” piece, as well as her other works. But the stories behind her works were so interesting and a viewer would never have guessed such a detailed story. I also enjoied Bonnie Seeman’s “Teapot” the detail on there was wonderful!


  2. I enjoyed the show, it was nice to see some of my professors not only as teachers, but as artists. Seeing their work was pretty cool. Bonnie Seeman’s teapot piece that looked like rhubarb was phenomenal. I also really liked Holly Jorde’s pieces with all of the little balls.


  3. I really enjoyed Jim Klueg’s work, I thought it had a very strong personal voice mixed with imagery to match, that really impacted the viewer. His technique was great, so crisp and precise, a refreshing, unconventional use of clay. Overall, I enjoyed the show, as I am really interested in seeing the work of my professors, and it was great to see works from multiple the UMD professors.


  4. The presentation for Unsoiled was not really what I expected. I had no idea how much of the work of the exhibition were created by UMD staff, to be honest I did not hear of the show before the opening night. It was a great eye opener to the ceramic work of my current and past professors. I had no idea that you(Joellyn) dabbled in ceramics and really enjoyed your piece confessions of a dairy princess and the other figurative ceramic vases. Also the work of Jim Klueg was very interesting, I really like his use of text and play on words.


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