Digital Studio 2 students are investigating the ways that digital culture is providing recreational and playful opportunities for adults. Some areas of interest are: virtual worlds, games of various types, and toy like products created using digital tools. Students will post their favorite finds in the comments below…

(Students: please include a short description of the area of playful culture you are drawn to, a link to at least one visual example, and what you plan to explore in your own PLAYLAND project…)

Here are some ways that writers are thinking about role playing games as a literary artform:
link to essays on the Electronic Book Review:

For Laughs

On the heels of our Digital Composite project, I found a series of satirical photoshop tutorials on YouTube. ( short films from They may be faster to view on YouTube though.
Caution: These may be a bit raunchy for some, but if you’ve spent hours trying to master photoshop, they may make you laugh til you cry!

You Suck at Photoshop ( episodes 1 – 6)