Digital Studio 2 students are investigating the ways that digital culture is providing recreational and playful opportunities for adults. Some areas of interest are: virtual worlds, games of various types, and toy like products created using digital tools. Students will post their favorite finds in the comments below…

(Students: please include a short description of the area of playful culture you are drawn to, a link to at least one visual example, and what you plan to explore in your own PLAYLAND project…)

Here are some ways that writers are thinking about role playing games as a literary artform:
link to essays on the Electronic Book Review:


14 thoughts on “Digital PLAYLAND

  1. For this project I really want to create my own “vinyl toy”. I think the idea of these characters is great and I would really like to explore it. I am thinking about coming up with one character….possibly creating it, and also having its own box, owners manual, and maybe some type of advertising for more characters like it.

    I found a lot of web sites that make vinyl toys and heres the main “vinyl toy” producers web site:

    I think these are great.

    I really want to have some sort of twist to the toy that I create. Like maybe overplay sexuality…because so many “toys” these days have sexual meaning behind them…it’s really quite disturbing…


  2. I’m currently most interested in the toy craze within the playful culture. I find the vinyl toy collection very fun and unique. I discovered another site with diverse people figurines from Peecol at I wish to use this project for a portfolio piece. Im interested in the fashion industry as well as design so I plan to create a new doll toy similiar to Barbie and Bratz and concentrate on the clothing line. Therefore, I’ll put more focus on the number of apparel for my playland toy.


  3. There are many different AMV’s that people have made but even though i would like to do a AMV i would not use pics from real Animes. But rather i would make my own images maybe from earlier works of art related or maybe even from my friends artworks, not quite sure yet. But this is just an example of what it might look like…


  4. For this project I wanted create playing cards with celebrities on them. The images would be a vector type, with the celebrity on the front, and their information on the back. The way you would win the game is if you had the most “train wreck” like celebrity. Aka the worse things they do, the more you could win the game. The style i would want to create is something like this


  5. I am designing a character that I will put in a board game environment that I will create. The environment will be some sort of alien landscape, I haven’t decided what it will all look like yet and I don’t think I will be able to until I complete the character. If time permits I would like to make a short animation of what life would be like as a board game piece. I have looked at a video called “Chubbchubbs” to get ideas for the background.


  6. For assignment 2 I am planning on probably pursuing character design for a potential game or machinima comic. Similar to or maybe just game commentary there is also a stick figure comic strip from the Stars and Stripes newspaper that has hilarious military life commentary.


  7. One thing i really enjoyed looking at was “The art of Titan Quest” It’s a RPG PC game which is based on the end of the communication between the Gods and Humanity. The game takes creatures and beasts from ancient mythology, for example centaurs (half man and half horse) or Minotaur (half man and half boar) and brings them to life. The hero is sent on a mission by the spartan general Leonidas to destroy all of these mythical creatures and basically save the world.

    What I want to do with this game is create my own mythical creatures or beasts that could maybe be seen in a sequel to this game. I’ll give them names and tell a story about where they came from and powers they have. Also, how it can be killed and maybe something you can gain from killing it.


  8. I think that I would like to create one or two mock skins for media players on a computer. windows media player has loads of them for download and such. i think that it gives alot of room for creativity in theme and design. i won’t be able to make functional skins, but i think that it would be a good project to make a fake one. here is the windows website for their downloadable media skins


  9. For the digital playland project, I am creating a unique type of trading cards that cater to the typical housewife. Instead of creating characters, they will be recipes from different cuisines, such as, American, Italian, Chinese, etc. and then also vegetarian options, 5 ingredients or less, quick and easy, etc. They will be used in a way such as tupperware parties, where people collect various ones and then share them at recipe parties. I was also thinking that it would be fun to design the packaging that they come in as well.

    The link that show a similiar idea to mine is:


  10. I’m kind of intrigued by the many custom/personalized characters people can use as versions of themselves in digital games and media. Seen in games like Wii, the Sims, and Second Life, and even just for posting to blogs and discussion boards.

    Also, I’ve recently been kind of blown away by artists using Photoshop tools and brushes as the primary medium to create very realistic portraits and characters from scratch or as composites from photographs.

    For the project, I’d like to experiment with these tools to create one or more characters for a game or digital environment, ranging from very simple to more complex.


    Creating Characters and Avatars:

    Photoshop techniques:


  11. For this project I was inspired by AMV (animated music video), that people usually make for contests or just for showing off to people. The AMV’s that people make are from already made anime’s and they would pick out certain parts of the anime and put it to music.

    The project I would work on wouldn’t be using already made anime’s, but instead I would do my own animation and have the person dance to the music. I would try to match certain parts to the music to make it seem like a real video.


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