Portfolio One-on-One

Please register ASAP and attend if you can!

Portfolio One-on-One
Friday, April 11, 2008 / Sat April 12, 2008
900 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403


Your portfolio is the key to your future. It opens doors. It allows
others to see how you take an idea and unlock its potential. Since
1993, AIGA MInnesota’s annual Portfolio One on One event has brought
design students together with experienced designers to share
conversations, experience and ideas, all to help you develop further.
Come see, listen, discuss, network and test your key with the design
community at Portfolio One on One.


4 thoughts on “Portfolio One-on-One

  1. Day One Portfolio One on One

    You all should have gone to Portfolio One on One. Day one was spectacularly great. We got to spend the day going to 3 different design studios. My group got to see Fame, Periscope, and Duffy. The environments at these places really excited me for the future. I took a couple pictures, which I’ll post later. At Periscope they let you bring your dog to work, and they have a fully equipped gym and just as equipped video gaming lounge. Sweet!!! Taylor wants you all to know about the free 24 hour beer tap for when you’re in a design deadend (or just thirsty) at the studio she toured. Basically, you all missed out and NEED to go next year.


  2. Day Two Portfolio One on One

    Day 2 was filled with seminars and three chances to have your work critiqued by a professional designer. I was nervous that they would scoff at a mere second year’s attempt at design, but they were really positive and encouraging. They were impressed with UMD’s design program and said our portfolios were more developed then most second years (Go Team Duluth!!!). The seminars were stellar, especially the dude we dubbed the Adobe Dork who knew EVERYTHING about CS3. The whole experience was well worth the $165.


  3. Hey all! The Portfolio One on One was amazing, and you should all strongly consider coming next year. More than one of the design professionals I talked to voiced their opinion that they wished more students would come from UMD before their graduating year. You can visit the following link for a picture we took at the very end on Saturday. It was cold, windy, and we were all exhausted. You can see that those factors affected each of us differently….




    I don’t even know where to begin….. I am convinced that attending Portfolio One on One is one of, if not the most, important thing you can do for your graphic design career!!!!! I have never had so many resources at my fingertips at once. On the first day we were divided into small groups and sent off to explore some of the best design studios the Twin Cities have to offer! I was able to see OrangeSeed Design, Initio Advertising, and Space 150!! I would have to say that Space 150 was my favorite!! Every 150 days they throw a huge party and redesign their identity!! Seeing their ideas and the process of how they get there was helpful and inspiring!
    The second day was definitely more personal in the sense that the best designers in the cities came out to help YOU! We were able to talk with them about our work as well as presentation.
    One of my reviewers was actually Jesse Bodell (UMD Grad), who is now a Sr designer at Periscope! The workshops were AWESOME!! Like Allison already mentioned, Adobe’s Keith Gilbert gave us some VERY helpful hints when it comes to CS3! I did not think it was possible for any one person to know EVERYTHING about CS3!

    Just one thing that stood out from the whole event was the question….

    How bad do you want to be good???

    Here are a few links to the places I was able to go as well as a few others!



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