Jeff Johnson > SPUNK

Yesterday Jeff Johnson from Spunk Design Machine in Minneapolis spoke to our students about his work.

See SPUNK’s work >>

Jeff is a terrific speaker and students were really inspired. Many were impressed by his positive energy and playful irreverence for a wide range of subjects. He spoke with passion about his creative process, career journey and love for working with clients. All this while dressed in full Viking costume!


Picture this guy, with long blond braids, fur trimmed vest and horned headgear.

I was heartened by his take on the career potential of the young creatives in the room… He pointed out the downturn in the traditional advertising model of interruption and the upturn in creative formats that welcome or invite the audience in to a conversation. It’s an appealing, friendly model of communication. Again I was reminded that skill sets that include storytelling (from storyboarding to motion graphics) are key for students entering the market today.

Jeff will be spending today judging the UMD student exhibit which opens next Sat in the Tweed Museum.


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