Students were offered several choices for final projects in Digital Studio Class…

Some selected to continue working with an image bank to generate a series of Digital Remix images.

Others wanted to investigate new materials and processes using tactile media.

A few students crafted their own limitations with the goal of creating a fresh body of work.


Jaclyn Halla from new body of work


17 thoughts on “Digital Studio FINAL PROJECTS

  1. Final Project Reflection

    The final project was my favorite out of the projects we did this semester. I think it turned out so well because when working on it I had more experience in the class, experience that I did not have when doing the first self portrait project. When we first got the assignment in class, I was so excited to work on it I was practically finished with it by the next class time. This is a project that I enjoyed working on more than the other projects this semester. I was glad that we could do whatever we wanted, so I was able to show my best work. I think that if you really enjoy working on a project, it will turn out much better. This is why I love how my final project turned out.

    see semester portfolio


  2. Final project reflection

    For the last project I decided to continue with the Remix project we did earlier in the semester. I had so much fun doing the Remix project I thought I’d take when I learned from critique and apply it to my new set of images. Another reason I did this for my final was because it really helped me lean few things in Photoshop.
    In Photoshop I leaned how to make a pattern. I used this a lot in my final project to bring patterns into my entire piece to connect them. I also used the image transformation setting. I used this to change the size and direction of a lot of the floral patterns I used, which gave my piece more dimension and fun. The clone stamp tool is something I became quite fond of in the end. This tool helped me bring elements I liked from one piece to the next with out trying to create it from sight. It turned out really nicely.
    In the first critique students really like the floral pattern and colors I was using but suggest I use more white space so it didn’t look so messy and crowded. That’ something I really focused on in the final project. I incorporated a lot more white space than in my first few pieces. It really made the prints look much better. It gives the eyes a rest while looking at the pictures. The prints I made have so much layering and depth white space is really something my pieces needed. I really want to thank the class for that suggestion.
    In the end I really love my finals pieces. I worked really hard at making them look like a set by using same elements but switching it up at some points so it wouldn’t get boring. The way my pieces have so much to look and a beautiful color palette really makes me enjoy my piece. The fact that I know I put so much time and effort into this final project only makes it that much more better for myself.


  3. Project Title: Awkward Boarder
    Media: Tactile/Wood
    Size/Format: Large vinyl sticker = 32in x 24 in
    Cut in thirds = 32in x 8 in
    Board size = 30 x 7.5 in

    For this final project I was interested in the relation between people and nature. There are so many literal meanings that can be created from this, so I wanted to look at a relation that was not as obvious. Brainstorming ideas was a bit difficult, however I finally landed on a subject that would be fun and playful to execute. I thought of a type of person that did appreciate nature for what it’s worth, even though people may stereotype them differently. I choose to look at skateboarders, and the world that they live in. Many people define them as baggy clothes, dirty, and careless human beings. However, after talking to some people who skateboard on a daily basis, I found that there is a lot more to their reasoning.

    I discovered that these individuals look at nature as a peaceful way to escape from the world. I found that many skateboarders will use natural objects, such as rocks and fallen trees, as obstacles that they try to conquer. In addition, after they skate for a long period of time, most of them like to relax and listen to the sounds of the forest, lakes, and/or natural surroundings. This inspired me to do a design piece that incorporated natural designs, as well as a portion of a skaters daily journal. I molded the two together to create the bottom designs for three different skateboards.

    I first laid out basic geometric shapes and choose three natural colors. I choose three different pictures that were taken from nature and tied them into the landscape. Next I decided to tie all three board designs together by incorporating square designs that dragged throughout all three designs. I choose the simple square because they could represent the different skateboard boxes that many skaters use for tricks. I incorporated my own hand element with little playful sketches of skaters throughout the piece. I then wrote in a portion of a skaters daily log that ties in the hand element as well.

    I think that my finished project turned out very successfully. I think that as a whole all three boards look very good together. They could stand by themselves, but as a group the concept is a lot stronger. I think that the vinyl stickers helped make this a successful project, and gave the element of the skateboard decks. All together I am very pleased with all of the pieces of this project, and I would like to go more in depth with this concept and idea.


  4. With this remix project, I wanted to portray a feeling of the subjects being trapped. I wanted to use color as much as possible, even though a few pieces are a bit monochromatic. I tried to fix this problem by adding in subtle bits of color.
    I started out making an image bank, with my own photography. I separated these photos into categories so that it would be easier to find things. The first remix that I created was the one with the black and white fence, with the bird behind it. I decided that I liked the trapped feeling that I got from this picture, so I decided to explore other directions I could go with this in mind. Some of the photos have a literal trapped look to them; others are a bit more abstract. My favorite remixes are the pictures with white space in them, especially the one with the honeysuckle flower. I had to re-do one of the pictures that I had been working on, because it had a photo in it that I did not take. I resolved this by cloning out the woman, and only using the flying birds. I think it turned out very well, even though this was one of the more frustrating pieces to create.
    I took my digital and film photographs into PhotoShop, and did some editing there. Then I created a new page, and added pieces of my photography to it, until I had a composition that I liked. I used the magic wand and clone stamp tool a lot, along with the eraser, burning and dodging. I also used a few layer masks, like drop shadow and bevel/emboss to avoid a completely flat image.
    I like the way that 90 percent of my pieces turned out. There was one that I’m not excited about, but it fits well with the project as a whole. This piece, the one with the birds and the pink flowers behind it, could’ve been better if I had put more thought into it; I got stuck, and that’s the best I could do with the photos that I have. However, I think that it works well with the other photos that have a lot of white space in them. As a whole, I am very happy with the way my digital remix project turned out.
    I like my concept a lot. At first I started out by just making a remix, to see what I could come up with. I developed my concept after a few pieces were in progress, and it greatly helped shape my project into what you see now.


  5. Final Project:

    For my final piece, I went for the digital remix again. I had so much fun dabbling in it on our previous project and thought it would be the best outlet for a theme I wanted to carry in my piece.
    My piece is simply called “Ukraine” and is a series of digital mixes made up of images, textures, colors, and all things Ukraine. I did 6 pieces, all 17 x 11 inches.
    The themes I wanted to investigate had to do with the overall experience in Ukraine. I wanted the viewer to get a feel for daily life, values, and also cultural aspects. Using random photos, I put together each piece with certain textures and color palette in mind. I also chose an image that would carry out the theme. My color palette is a little electric, but so are many things in Ukraine: their blue/green/orange buildings, pattern-covered walls, and some interesting clothing styles. I wanted the viewer to realize religious themes, chaotic life, and not always good living conditions. Also, throughout the pieces, I tried to keep some parts traditional in style with the patterns, colors, egg shapes, nesting dolls, and designs. I had trouble keeping loose in this project. I think picking a theme so personal to me made me really over think some portions of the pieces. Gathering a random image bank helped to let loose and continue remixing. My work is very layered and colorful and also a bit chaotic, which reflects much of my experience in Ukraine. Digital media has helped me transform things I saw and felt into digital experiences. Although I am happy with the concept of my piece, I am disappointed with the colors my finished prints had. I worked from several computers (all showing me the correct palette) and it just printed out very off color. Sad. ☹

    My portfolio:


  6. My final project was the Digital remix. The title of my piece is called ice. I decided to print my project. And used a back background and combine the pictures so it could be hung. The shape of each picture is in a circle about 3 inches. There are 8 pictures total. I wanted to create something to due with nature, because that is one of my favorite things to take photographs of. I started with doing all the different season and then focused on major theme from one of the seasons, ice. I just started to create many different images with a lot of photographs, some of the remixes had more pictures involved and some has less there was none with less then 3 images in them. After I created the images and decided which ones appealed to me more. I narrowed them down. I didn’t decide what shape or final design format I wanted until they were printed out. I really like the way that my digital remix turned out, but I am not sure about the final product… I want to think of a different way to hang them like icicles.


  7. A substantial part of my final project is the on going investigation of process. I choose a vehicle for my process and that this the 3-D origami form of a Lilly. It is from with in this shape that I want to explore content, form, design, photography, and any other creative twists my brain conjures up. With in the realm of this particular project, I was focused on the planted roots of the flower and juxtaposed imagery that is not normally thought of to have roots. Roots are the most permanent structure of a plant, so it only seemed intriguing to play with the idea of roots in our society. Roots of buildings or the roots of traditions.


  8. Project Title: Greece
    Media: Tactile Media
    Size + Format: 4) 8×10 digital prints applied to white 100% cotton napkins (fabric) using the cyanotype process.

    What theme or ideas are you investigating with this project:
    The theme I began with involved walkways in Greece as a way to walk into another culture from the perspective of the viewer. After creating a few images and deciding on my napkin pieces, my theme changed a bit and became much more intimate to me. My theme transformed into my perspective into the Greek culture. All of the imagery I used were some of my very favorite places in Greece, specifically the places I had strong emotion attachments to.

    Describe your work process on this project: (What creative + technical issues came up as you worked… How did you resolve problems?)
    First I began by searching through my Greek image bank to acquire the proper images that were important to me, and would also work with the cyanotype process. Then I began printing off digital negatives and printing on very thin graphite drawing paper to check the quality of the images (using the cyanotype process is tricky because not every image is good to use-content and contrast must be precise.) After creating a couple of prints I was happy with I began transferring images to fabric. I played around with the fabric; in a couple I used a stencil around the border, while in the other two I exposed the border to olive branches to create a much more uncontrolled, artistic style, which I prefer much more in comparison to my first two I created with the stencils. The vibrant blue tones are beautiful! Then I used black tea to tone one of my fabric pieces to give it a brown antique look. As I came across a potential problem or something I didn’t like, I tried a new way to do it. Meeting with our individual groups and getting feedback from them as well as Joellyn was incredible helpful in deciding which route to take next.

    How is your work shaped by the use of digital media:
    I use digital images and then use traditional and modern practices. For instance, I use new digital programs to change my images how I best see fit, and then use older, more traditional approaches to create those images like the cyanotype and black and white processes. A blend of new and old.

    Evaluate the success of the concept and craft of your finished project:
    I feel as though my project turned out incredibly well because I explored so many different avenues of the cyanotype process involving digital media and practices. I loved the blend of studio art and digital art that gave each of my images new life and individuality. Each image highlights a very peaceful and warm feeling of Greece that I was able to take back with me and restore forever.

    Any other insights:
    I loved the freedom of this project! Really a lot of fun to push boundaries.


  9. Fallout


    800×600 website
    9000×175 panoramic image

    My final project revolves around the idea that there has been a major incident at the UMD campus, and is for the first time in 30 years, being photographed. This mimics the Chernobyl incident in Russia near 30 years ago. I’ve created just one image of several more to come of a haze-ey, darker UMD.

    I photographed a recognizable area of the campus, then using a digital stitching technique i created a giant panoramic image, which I then manipulated, both in color and exposure the image to make it appear like the images seen in many chernobyl images. I then created a mock website explaining what happened 30 years beforehand and made it seem like a homage to the victims of the event. (tastefully of course), and used a virtual reality java program to make the panoramic “click through-able”

    I feel that although the concept has been a success, the execution could be helped quite a lot if I had more images on the website. I only have the one panoramic and I feel that with 2 to 3 more It would have been much more successful, but due to time constraints I was unable to produce more imagery by the final presentation date.


  10. Name: Kevin Kramer
    Project Title: Socialized Gender: Birth and Death
    Media: tactile
    Size + Format: 2 images transferred to baby clothes. approx. 14×21 in.
    In this project I chose to represent the socialized gender roles that we are born into. In previous centuries when plagues and disease were rampant, a family chose not to name a child until it was 5 years old or so. The infant mortality rate was so high that naming a child was too hard on a family, emotionally. A professor of mine told me that in Boston and elsewhere on the east coast that there are many tombstones with no names on them. These graves are only marked by the gender of the individual. The idea that a child is known only as boy or girl in life as well as in death struck me. We are born into a set of rules and expectations and whether one chooses to follow these rules or not the social roles of our genders follow us from birth until death.
    I took many pictures of tombstones and then decided on the ones I thought to be best. Then I used Photoshop to erase the names that were on them and replace them with genders. This process was difficult, or at least more so than I had anticipated. It was difficult to get the text to match the stone and to look real. Next I printed the images on t-shirt transfers and ironed them onto baby garments. This was not enjoyable. I do not like t-shirt transfers and will never use them again.
    From my digital camera to Photoshop to InkJet printers, this project used digital media to convey my perceived message of socialized gender roles.
    I really enjoyed the images I came up with although I only had two. I could not think of a way to integrate a third image into the series successfully without overcomplicating the message I wished to convey. I didn’t enjoy the final product as much as I would have liked. The t-shirt transfer process was frustrating and did not work as well as I had hoped. However I rather like some of the inconsistencies and abnormalities that arose from the complicating in the transfer process. I also believe that the message I am representing came through strong, although hopefully not offensive!


  11. Digital Remix
    Printed Pictures
    Six images 8.5×11 inches

    Final project:
    With my final project I wanted to create images using the same process with all of them, and I also wanted to have some similar shapes within the images that I combined.

    One big problem I came across while doing this process was that I created a good images right at the beginning, and it was hard for me to get all my other images to be of equal quality. I believe I made it all workout in the end.

    How I created these images was by looking through all my pictures, but I only could use the ones of Duluth that I had. As I went through them I tried to pick out ones with similar lines and shapes within them. Then I blended them all in a similar way. Next I would flatten them change them into gray scale, and the play with the contrast with them. The last thing that I did to the images was put a filter on them.

    Overall I really enjoyed this project it was a great learning experience for me, and it helped me to kinda figure out a style that I liked.


  12. Ali Hanson
    Photo Brassieres
    Tactile Media
    3 bras

    Final Project Reflection

    I wanted in incorporate my photography onto an unconventional canvas. I realized I haven’t really seen any one take bras to the ‘next level,’ artistically. Since the bras are obviously a product for women, I wanted my photos to be very feminine. I started out taking photos that I felt were feminine and converted them to black and white. I then needed to somehow get them onto silk so I could put them on the bras. I first used a silk transfer paper and the result was awful, it wouldn’t stick to the silk and it just looked really tacky. So I had to find printable silk, that I found at Michael’s. After I printed the images onto the silk I needed to sew it on to the bras. It was really hard to sew it on while the silk was just placed on there so I bought tacky spray to make it stay put while i was sewing it. After I sewed the images on all three of the bras, I didn’t like the way it looked, it looked cheap and like someone just cut out pictures and slapped them on the bras. I went out and found different things like ribbon, pearls, petals, that tied in directly with each image and collaged them on to the bras. My work was shaped by the use of digital media by digital photography that was then manipulated in photoshop by various tools. Overall, I think my project is alright. I put so much time into it, and I thought it was going to turn out differently than it did. However, I am my biggest critic. I feel like the creative end turned out really well because I haven’t seen this type of art done before so that was good. It was the most stressful project yet, but I had fun doing it.


  13. Andrew J. Skalsky
    Final Project: SouthWestern book shirts
    Digital Remix/ Tactile Media
    Format: Iron-on prints on T-shirts, 8×11

    With this final project I wanted to incorporate my summer internship into the mix. It makes the project that much more fun when I have a focused theme for my work. My theme is stemmed from the SouthWestern company where I will be selling books all summer. So generally I decided it would be fun to use books to make fun designs, while making sure that it is still artistic and creative.
    Well, I tried incorporating the digital remix material, but I only ended up using a limited amount because I wanted to use pictures of books and distort that so that they are almost unrecognizable. This way they would look like art rather that logos or adds. I took many photos of the books and juxtaposed them in different sequences to make different interesting designs. Color was also a huge part of my project. I made 6 t-shirts of different colors and designs. I had to figure out which colors would look the best with whatever color t-shirt I was using to iron-on.
    Digital media is definitely the core of my work. I like to use photos and my own handwriting to give my work its own personality. I have found that a lot of my work right now is very graffiti-like.
    I was very happy with the results of my final project. All of the shirts turned out, and it was a huge learning process. In the future I plan on purchasing the right equipment to make permanent/long-lasting t-shirts. This is just the beginning of a new hobby.



  14. Eros
    Digital Prints
    Six pieces, each 11×17

    The themes and ideas investigated throughout the six pieces incorporate family, friendship and love. These ideas were expressed through the imagery, the color palette, and the romantic nature of the black and white photography. The creative process included gathering original imagery to include within each piece that would possess the same underlying ideas and themes that were originally investigated. New brushes were made to carryout similarities within each piece so it comes together as a set. Most of the creativity was purely experimentation with layers, colors, and imagery.

    The photographs are of individuals whom are close loved ones. This made the process of designing and experimenting with the imagery more fun and more meaningful. I wanted to make sure the audience was able to articulate the message of romanticism and love. The final remix continuation was an excellent way to further investigate previous design ideas and to better the skills that were acquired in the previous project. The outcome of these six pieces, titles Eros, was extremely pleasing. I titled these pieces “Eros�? after the Greek word which means affectionate love not only for a lover but also for any type of close friend or family. These pieces are representing the “Eros�? in my life.


  15. Laramie Carlson
    Art 2016 M,W 12pm-2pm
    Project Title: Duluth HDR Panoramas
    Media: Digitally Manipulated Prints
    Size + Format: Two @ 30 in by 7 in. One @ 36 by 7 in.

    In constructing this project, I’m trying to get into the HDR phase. I haven’t seen any HDRs of Grand Marais, and I believe it could be gold for me. With making an HDR image, you take several frames of one shot, bracketing your shots out like this: +2 +1 0 -1 -2. This will capture every detail in every shadow, and will bring those bright highlights into full color. It creates a very surrealistic almost painting like image. For each panorama, I did 25 different shots. I have a program that runs the HDR merging, but getting the settings just right for each one was a task. Also in shooting HDR, it’s helping me see light better. With HDR images, the lighting has to be perfect with a high contrast. In normal photography, you normally want to stray away from that to get the full color range.
    Through working with the project, I found that my tripod isn’t very good for staying in one spot. Aligning images is a major pain in the program I work in, and some of the movement can be seen in the print. I’d love to go back and shoot these on my own time with a way better tripod.
    This is a project that has been brought to me via the internet. It involves taking a bunch of pictures, running them through 4 or 5 different programs, and then printing the final project. This is digital as it can get without going too overboard.
    I believe this project has come out great. I can’t wait to experiment more and more with it. I just need to figure out how to display the final product.

    I’ve also got a bunch of pictures from Homegrown 2008 on my webpage at


  16. Final Project Reflection
    Tactile Media
    Three works- vase, 2×2 inch tiles (4) and 1×1 inch tiles connected
    Theme- the theme within my pieces is that of nature. I am interested in the textures and patterns that are natural. I chose many of those textures through leaves and twigs.
    Process- my process for this project was to first come up with three separate designs. Once these were complete, I wanted to put my images onto something that I would use or want. Being a floral designer and an inspiring interior designer, I chose to go with tiles and a glass vase. Because the tiles had a nice flat surface they were easier to complete. With the vase, I was not able to stretch my image around it, so I made it into a mosaic.
    Digital Media- my work was done through Photoshop. I was able to create my images by scanning in different elements and creating a unique and full design.
    Success- I think that overall my project was successful. Even though I chose to do a tactile media project, I was lucky in having it turn out pretty decant the first time I made it. I am fairly happy with the way that it all turned out and would love to continue experimenting with new elements in which to place my work.


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