Documenting Place > GD1 Final Project

Teams comprised of four Graphic Design 1 students set out to investigate and document mile long stretches of the Duluth Landscape. Teams selected their own locations and designated roles for the project > project manager, typographer, photographer and illustrator. Each team will create a final work that communicates an experience of place. Materials and techniques may be experimental, but the work must be at least 12 feet in one direction. The collaborative work should demonstrate the principles of unity and surprise.


2 thoughts on “Documenting Place > GD1 Final Project

  1. Reaction to the project?
    Overall it was a great way once again to work with some great team members. Rob, Ang, Michelle and I made up team Railroad Street. I think we put together a great piece with the time available. It was a great experience to visit the site time and time again and getting new ideas. We created a somewhat 3-dimensional piece integrating type, illustration and photography to convey the site chosen. We were striving to make the connection between the place and the people who visit that place create its identity. Using a series of layers and exaggerated imagery in the piece we are able to leave the viewer feeling confused but interested. This interest then is satisfied with comical text and illustrations that create a sense of creativity put into the Graffiti Graveyard especially. I hope it makes the viewer want to look over the whole piece once they catch a glance at it. I thought this was a great concept for a project. It led to more research development skills, teamwork, and proved to me that you can indeed produce a great piece with a short deadline. We will get a picture up here soon of it.


  2. final project reflection
    I really enjoyed working on this project, not only because I learned more about Superior Street, but I also had fun working and getting to know Yer, Josh, and Jodi. For our project we decided to do a pop-up book styled poster to really represent the randomness and in-your face qualities about downtown Superior Street. We started with cropping and collaging the photos and making the bases for the pop-outs. Then we integrated the illustrations- to keep with the random theme, Yer and Jodi helped me out so that there would be different styles of sketches and not only my pencil, and ink sketches. Lastly we added our typography in which we used comments we heard on some of our trips down to the site. Overall it was a fun and challenging project (we had to do a lot of problem solving in figuring out how to make the pop-outs and cross streets and skywalks, etc. in such a short time.)


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