Duluth HDR Panorama


click image to view full panorama of Duluth

For an HDR image, you take several frames of one shot, bracketing your shots out like this: 2 1 0 -1 -2. This will capture every detail in every shadow, and will bring those bright highlights into full color. It creates a very surrealistic almost painting like image. For each panorama, I did 25 different shots. I have a program that runs the HDR merging, but getting the settings just right for each one was a task. Also in shooting HDR, it’s helping me see light better. With HDR images, the lighting has to be perfect with a high contrast. In normal photography, you normally want to stray away from that to get the full color range.

-artwork and comments by Laramie Carlson

Spring 2008 Digital Studio Project

Working with the project, I found that my tripod isn’t very good for staying in one spot. Aligning images is a major pain in the program I work in, and some of the movement can be seen in the print. I’d love to go back and shoot these on my own time with a way better tripod.

This is a project that has been brought to me via the internet. It involves taking a bunch of pictures, running them through 4 or 5 different programs, and then printing the final project. This is digital as it can get without going too overboard.

I believe this project has come out great. I can’t wait to experiment more and more with it. I just need to figure out how to display the final product.


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