3 thoughts on “Rick Griffith Design Lecture

  1. Rick Griffith is awesome. His direct truthfulness and work ethic is an excellent model for everyone to look towards. He is passionate about type and is very well versed about its history.

    I was able to talk to him in one of my classes and after his lecture. I had asked him about a project that he is currently very excited about. If I recall correctly, it involved the reinvigorating the public with information about a housing projects that involved a variety of architects in California. The focus on building the housing was based on readily available materials and employed them in an effective and affordable way.

    I would love to move to Colorado to work with him (http://www.morematter.com/) and get to know him more. Also, to learn more about the things and people that influence him (Ed Fella). If you missed him, your loss. Oh yeah, he’s a fan of PBR! šŸ˜€


  2. A few things really resonated with me after hearing Rick Griffith speak on Tuesday night. One, when looking for jobs, make sure you do work that you want to do, sound obvious but is really important, if your end up doing work you hate you’ll squeeze the life out of your design. Two, don’t do anything for free, people need to appreciate the value of design just like any other profession. Three, Rick has worked for huge corporations like American Express, he seemed almost embarrassed by this, his passion and drive to design comes from the desire to help organizations and business he really believes in and shares values with, people he can see and touch and converse with. So basic message, don’t lose your soul, do what you thing makes sense for yourself but make sure your best work is something you really believe in. Lastly, the importance and relevance of the hand-made. His studio prints the majority of it work in-house, by hand. I really understand what he meant when he said “When you really make something, it just feels good…”


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