Music + Design

Some Graphic Design 2 students are choosing to work on design for music in their final projects…

Some inspiration


Jim Flora :: Fine Art Prints :: Album Cover Art

Album Cover Art

more links below



Aesthetic Apparatus

American Poster Institute
Gig Posters

Across the Graphic Universe: An Interview with John Berg by Paul Nini October 30, 2007

Art Chantry

Tom Vanderbilt

The Rise and Fall of Rock and Roll Graphic Design


13 thoughts on “Music + Design

  1. I thought it would be fun to do a halfway real band… my Rock Band band, ‘the McAsians.’ Haha funny, right?

    The goal, I think, will be to design a CD, poster – the basic elements a real band would have. I’ll plan on developing this as if it were for a real-life band, which will involve a photo shoot and some glamour magic. I’ll try to stick with the visual style we’ve already established with our avatars, and our ‘blood hawk’ logo.

    McAsians profile


  2. Root City Band has a facebook group and a myspace page:

    However, I have yet to find a website that is just for the band. There is a link posted in the facebook group called, but that link does not work. I am planning on mocking up a web design for the group. I am pulling my inspiration from Matt Nathanson’s website:
    and also from Root City’s style.


  3. I chose to work on an existing band, Blue Merle. As of right now I am designing the cd, cover and whatnot, I also was thinking of doing the set design for a concert they may have, or a concert flyer (poster). I noticed that during their concerts they really don’t have much of a set design, so I was thinking that that I might do something very minimal.

    I got a lot of my inspiration just from their webpage:

    I was also very inspired by their cover “Burning in the Sun”. It looks a lot like watercolor, which I feel goes along very nicely with the type of music they play; so I going to try and go along with that sort of feel.


  4. I’m going to design an album cover and either a myspace page or a gig poster for Crew Jones, a local indie hip-hop/americana band. If you haven’t heard them, you should check them out. Now.

    Their current graphic style is pretty much non-existent, so I’ve been looking for inspiration elsewhere:


  5. I chose to do my project on an existing band called Anberlin. They have a concert coming up in January and I’m planning on making a poster to promote it as well as a magazine spread on the band that also has their tour dates.

    I got a lot of my inspiration from just listening to their music and trying to capture their feel. But looking at their websites and seeing their previous albums and such didn’t hurt either:


  6. I am going to be creating album artwork for my “band” a cristmas album created by a friend of mine and myself. As well as wrapping paper for said CD.


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