Todd Shanafelt > Ceramics Lecture

Todd Shanafelt

Visual Lecture Series

Monday, November 30, 2009

Public Lecture Boh 90, 6:00pm


Shanafelt, is currently an Assistant Professor, Ceramics at Minnesota

State University in Mankato, Minnesota. His work combines found

objects and clay to create unusual yet seemingly familiar forms. He

received his B.A. from University of Northern Colorado, 1997 and a

M.F.A. from Kansas State University, 2002.

Studio demonstration with Todd Shanafelt,

Guest Artist on Monday, November 30th

from 1-4 p.m and Tuesday from 12-4 in the Ceramic Studio ABAH 155.


5 thoughts on “Todd Shanafelt > Ceramics Lecture

  1. The lecture was different from most of the lectures that I have gone to. Instead of showing his work like a show and tell, he went deep into the path that he took to get to his work. Todd was very interested in the process of art making, which made his presentation style very appropriate. He was inspired by his younger years, which included: boyscouts, the great out doors, and traveling. Then he mixed his experiences with the ideas he got from nature, literature, and old things that he found or collected.
    His art work worked with a lot of multiples, and he mentioned while he was working the studio that he loved to put chain in his work because of the tension that it created. The inability to pull them apart and the nagging want to separate them was something that he wanted to achieve. I think that he did, and I really like his art work. The combination of materials inspires me to want to experiment with my work as well.


  2. I enjoyed listening to Todd Shanafelt today. I was able to attend his lecture as well as some studio time with him. I thought it was interesting to hear about the different processes he goes through when creating his work. I appreciated the fact that he is so interested in process. I’m also very interested in that. I really enjoyed the studio session. I thought it was interesting how he would make something but wasn’t really sure how it would be used. He talked about “happy accidents.” His work seems to be full of these. The way he mixes media is also very interesting. Overall, I was most excited to hear about the process he uses to create his art.

    Jillian Westrum
    Digital Methods


  3. I really like Todd maybe because I’m able to relate to many of the stories that he was telling about his family and how he misses the different types of rock that he was able to find in Arizona, he also commented that the Grand Canon National Park was like his back yard. Asian teapots inspire him and he has only made one piece of art that was big, a group project that was made in Asia this piece was a lantern. Most of his work have been hand size.


  4. This lecture was very different from other lectures that I have heard this year. To tell the truth I hated it. I thought that Todd Shanafelt wasted a lot of time going over who he is and where he came from. I get that an artist should tell a little bit about their background but he spend over 45 minutes on his. Then when He finally got to showing his art work he would show his artwork next to another artist’s artwork, and talk about the other artist rather than himself. I think that his work is Great and I loved going onto his web site before his talk and looking at it and getting ready for what he was going to talk about, and then he left me upset. I also went to his workshop before the lecture and had a blast I thought he was a great guy and loved seeing him work and showing tricks that he has picked up over the years, Like adding metal to ceramics, and adding images. I learned a lot at the workshop, and was looking forward to the lecture, and was let down. I know that he is a teacher and I think that is why he talked about the artwork of the other people. I just wish that he would have spent about 30 minutes at least on his artwork. The next day I went to his other workshop because it was what my class was doing, and he went over a few other key points, about teaching which was great since I want to be an art teacher. Over all I liked Todd at the workshops but felt that his lecture need work.

    Shawntelle Bates
    Digitail Methods, and 2 D Digital.


  5. I really liked that at his lecture he talked about where he came from and what inspired him. It was very relatable to my own life and it got me thinking about where my inspiration comes from. He gave some advice that is APPLY, APPLY, APPLY. You never know what will be accepted so why not try. At his demo in the ceramic studio he did thing that are normally a no-no when it comes to building ceramic pieces but when you know the material you work with you know when you can cut corners and still make it work. Overall Todd was a great inspiration to me and I want to go to grad-school possibly now.


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