Tactile Media / Digital Mix > Summer 2010

Tactile Media / Digital Mix

Investigate the flow between your studio art practice and your own digital art making. You may use any process + materials you’d like, but you must integrate digital art into some portion of your process. Alternative processes for printing or transfer of images to tactile media may be explored. Size and complexity of work will be taken into consideration…
options :
series of 7-10 very small simple works (~8×10 inches or smaller)
series of 4-6 medium works (~11×17 inches)
or 2-3 very large, ambitious works (~30 inches)

Students have used this assignment to:
Transfer digital imagery onto works that are wearable or utilitarian
Transfer digital imagery onto wood
Transfer digital images onto canvas + continue painting on top of digital
Transfer digital images onto glass, ceramic, stone, metal
Transfer digital imagery onto 3d objects

Plan to experiment with the process to get it right. Make a strong connection between your imagery and the tactile surface you choose.

View tactile demos:


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