Virtual Reality (VR) Art

Some links to artwork that deals with Virtual Reality

World Skin, a Photo Safari in the Land of War
Virtual Reality, CAVE, cameras, printer, Internet

David Em was the first fine artist to create navigable virtual worlds in the 1970s.

Exploratorium in Second Life


3 thoughts on “Virtual Reality (VR) Art

  1. Virtual World Information

    My Virtual world is going to be like no one else’s. I want it to reflect the Mind, Body, and spirit of myself. The Main design is going to be all-illustrative instead of using Photoshop. I want to experiment using the Wabcom tablets more and further my skills of using illustrator. In my virtual world I am going to portray a place where I can go and exercise and be very peaceful out in nature. I want it to be a landscape scene of me out rock climbing and really being one with nature, not lot buildings or people around just my natural surroundings and me pretty much. I want my composition to show my train of thought and the things that are going threw my head when I go climb. I also want to show just a serene place that I can go to be peaceful and or a place where I can just think.


  2. The place that I would love to spend time is a serene place in a utopian world. This would include plants and animals that I love, scenery that is beautiful than the day before and a lot of wild life. I would live there with my friends and family among new people to meet. Every body’s work will be what they want to do and education will be free. I envision my living space like snow whites cottage. It would have a huge flower garden and places to go and do work or to relax. My avatar will move thru this world like a real human would. There is gravity, air, and you have to eat food and drink water to survive. People in my avatar world also have pets in their homes. People would use my avatar world like the sims game. I think it would be interesting if people all over the world could interact in the same space.


  3. Dez Brown

    What I wanted to do for my avatar was make it look like me in a world I would dream about at night and in the morning I’d wake up asking, “What in the world was that for?” Just about everyone has had one of those dreams, but I’ve been having them quite often. So I thought I would put my dream world into my avatar world.
    From flying, to fireballs coming out of your hands, anything can be done in my avatar dream-world. This is a place where creativity sprouts and is used more often, but is usually chaotic with weird objects and creatures moving around.
    I decided to draw avatar because every dream is different and I am always drawn in a different way – playing a different role in each. I will more than likely be on the ground, walking or running throughout the world; if you saw me moving, it would appear as if I were moving in a stop-motion film.


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