Chris Paine > Visiting Film Director

Extra Credit Op:

Chris Paine Director of WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? will present:

Mon. Nov. 29 7 pm, Weber Music Hall
“How many lightbulbs does it take to plug in an electric car?”

Tues. Nov. 30 11 am UMD Ballroom
“Science, change and the art of storytelling.”

Chris is a working film-maker, in the midst of post production on “Revenge of the Electric Car” in Hollywood. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the art of filmmaking.


6 thoughts on “Chris Paine > Visiting Film Director

  1. I went to Chris Paine’s lecture on Monday night. I really enjoyed this lecture, but I guess I was a little surprised he didn’t talk more about the art of film-making. Instead he talked more about sustainability of using electric cars. But I liked the clips he showed from his recent film “Revenge of the Electric Car”, which comes out some time next year. After attending his lecture I would like to look more into the sustainability and technology that electric cars offers. Maybe even purchase on myself some day.


  2. Although lectures on electric cars are not exactly my cup of tea, I think Chris Paine had some interesting points. The thing that I remember the most from his lecture is that electric cars would move the pollution from where the cars are being used, to where the electricity is being made. I think his most unrealistic idea though was that everyone should start using them. As a college student it’s not realistic to be expected to drive an electric car. Electric cars as he mentioned can only drive about 100 miles before they run out of energy. As a student at UMD who lives back in the cities, it would not be helpful for me to use a car that can’t even get me all the way back home in one trip. So until electric cars can improve on their distance in a single trip, I’m sticking with my gas guzzler.


  3. I thought that the Chris Paine presentation about Who Killed the Electric Car? was pretty interesting. Although I was expecting him to talk a lot more of the film making aspect of the movie, I thought that the concepts he presented about sustainability and the use the electric car were fascinating. Electric cars are more sustainable because the electricity used to run the cars comes from sustainable resources such as wind and solar power and it is also cheaper than gas. There is also less pollution from electric cars than cars that run on gas. I think that converting the American population to using electric cars is something that we need to do at some point for the sake of our planet however I think there still could be some improvements on the cars before this happens. For example the average electric car can only be drove for 100 miles at a time before it needs to be recharged. If we want the electric car to be a practical replacement to fuel cars, this range will have to be increased for people who have to drive long distances often. We these changes are made I think there is a bright future for the use of electric cars in our society.


  4. I wasn’t sure what to expect when i went to see Chris pain, Although i thought his stage presence could of been a lot better (sounded like he needed a nice glass of water, and also undermined his own intelligence often) the presentation it self was very interesting. I had no idea that electric cars have been around since the 1920s, that seams insane but true. Then they found oil in texas and the death of the electric car was quick. Now that oil prices are skyrocketing and the economy isn’t in the best condition the electric car is on the rise again. Coupled with the go green movement the electric car has been given a big breath of life. I also found it very interesting just how much electricity the production of gasoline uses. In every way no matter how you look at it the electric car is better for your pocket and the environment. Now all we need to do is to make it cool to own an electric car.


  5. I attended the Monday Nov. 29th show on “How many light bulbs does it take to plug in an electric car?” I felt this was a really good presentation for a many number of reasons. Firstly I’m glad to see that there ARE people out there taking the initiative to stop this oil problem we have created for ourselves including the war, spill in the ocean, and pollution. Secondly i’m really glad he explained to college kids the need for change and had very backing information to help us understand it all a little better. The biggest thing i was happy to hear about was that by i believe 2012 we will have at least 1 million electric cars in the US alone. I hope that change is on the horizon and countries like Ireland and many more jump on the electric car bandwagon. Also the part that really stuck in my head was a banner he showed that read “There is no Planet B”, hopefully enough kids saw this and really took it to heart.


  6. I attended the Monday night lecture on electric cars. The presentation he gave was very eye opening and insightful for everyone who attended. I’m glad that I learned that people, organizations, and companies are trying to do something to fix the problem, but like someone in the audience said, it seems like they are just moving the problem from one place to another. It was cool to learn that the amount of energy used to create a gallon of gas could in turn be used to power an electric car to drive farther than it could on a gallon of gas. But, in order to make these cars a reality, Sun powered plants would have to make a HUGE step forward. the future of electric cars is a definite possibility, but the leading researches need to think of a way that won’t just transfer the same problems of gasoline over to electricity. And if in fact they can make it something that would work, I would love to own an electric car myself someday.


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