Locative Media Assignment:
In class each student will sign up for a number that corresponds to a point on our google map TO THE LIGHTHOUSE> LINK TO OUR MAP.

Visit your location point with your camera and/or sketchbook. If you wish, go in teams of two or three to make sure you are getting very close to the place on the map. Capture a 360 degree view of the site point with your camera by shooting and turning and shooting. Follow directions for stitching together panoramic view.

We will discuss in class ways to enhance these captured locations with imaginary elements, using digital compositing techniques that help blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality.


Locative Media Projects

Here are some examples of Locative Media Projects done over the past decade:


Urban Tapestries

Uncle Roy All Around You by Blast Theory

InterUrban by Jeff Knowlton, Naomi Spellman & Jeremy Hight

Come Closer by squidsoup

Field-Works by Masaki Fujihata

Choreography of Everyday Movement by Teri Rueb

GPS Drawing

Amsterdam Realtime by Ester Polak

workshop at Karosta in Latvia


MILK by Ieva Auzina and Esther Polak

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