Photoshop Tutorials We Like

Art 2016 students, please post the photoshop tutorial you want to share with the class as a comment to this blog entry. Include the FULL URL (http…) and write a few sentences that tell us what the tutorial teaches and credit the source.


Here is a step by step tutorial from DIGITAL ARTS online

Phil Wheeler talks us through the creative process behind his artwork Sin, where experiments and limited time lead to some interesting results.


41 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorials We Like

  1. This tutorial is showing you a couple useful methods used by a tool called VECTOR, for digital inking. VECTOR is a tool that can create any kind of curve you want. The two methods are combining BRUSH inking with VECTOR inking.



    This tutorial shows how to add dynamic lighting to our photo. I thought learning how to artificially create lighting would be an interesting way to liven up some of my existing photos. I love the idea of blending multiple photos together and this is a good way of practicing this technique.

    Credit: Giackop,


  3. This photoshop tutorial is a simple and easy way to smooth out and “fix” up skin on a photo subject. It’s the easiest tutorial I have found for this type of editing.


  4. This tutorial shows you how to do an Andy Warhol effect on your photographs. It leads you through the proper steps to make a digital painting effect.


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