Recently Noticed in Digital Culture

Here is where you will post the short description of something interesting you have recently noticed in Digital Culture. Please include the complete URL (http…) and tell us what you have noticed and credit your source. Thanks!


42 thoughts on “Recently Noticed in Digital Culture

  1. I have noticed how far digital photography has come, Light painting in particular. It really amazes me how people manipulate the equipment and how resourceful they are with materials and locations. They create mind blowing images without using any editing software. The best example that comes to my mind is a photographer that goes by the name of Ectro.
    Scroll through a few pages as his style changes often.



  2. I’ve noticed that more and more is technology being incorporated to exercising and our everyday life. We use iPods when we workout not just for music but for keeping track of our progress and even letting iPods tell us how to workout. This new Nike FuelBand is supposedly to motivate you and keep record of your progress of your physical activity whatever that may be. I think this little gadget is pretty cool and is a good idea, but i like the idea of self motivation and self fulfillment rather than having a little device tell you how much more you have to do or how your doing. If you think your making progress and doing well, you shouldn’t have to double check with a wristband to make sure.


  3. What I have posted is called Avatar: creating the world of pandora. This caught my attention beacause the creator of the movie wrote the first scene to this movie in 1995 from a dream he had. This was back when computer softwares were not advanced at all, when visual effects were nowhere near how they are today. So, he waits till 2007 where the technology for visual effects has rapidly increased to shoot the first scenes of Avatar. This movie wasnt finished and released until 2010. The moral of this story is that visual effects and graphic technology have come a long way and it has changed the world dramatically.


  4. It’s interesting how technology or the digital age has changed us all. I work with kids and also have a mentee. Just remember how they were talking about wanting to get new cell phones, checking on their facebook page, etc. Just made me look back when I was their age, I had no cell phone, no facebook, limited video games. My parents will rather make us play outside than play with video games or use computer other than homework. Nothing really surprises me that much, because it is true about how we use technology. Also I do agree on how we can multi-task with technology, I know, while watching this video, I was texting as well. The video was very interesting watching how we use technology even the military. I know everything I do now is on my phone. Check my emails, make a note, take fairly good picture, also use words to type my paper. I believe technology has come a long way, sometimes it could be good and sometimes not so good. Just got to know how to balance or when to use it.


  5. In class I brought up the topic of 3D movies. This is a link to a blog that covers a big range of things related to 3D movies. You can view trailers for upcoming movies, read news articles, see things related to the technology behind 3D movies, and more.


  6. I’ve noticed the use of hashtags (e.g. #Twitter) outside of the internet community. On TV shows as an advertising device. It’s a quick way to get a message across.


  7. I noticed that in the new Pizza Hut commercials, letters/lyrics of the song the guy is singing scrolls across the screen. I thought that this was a good example to show how digital media has advanced and also how they have found a way to not only sing the song into your head but your somewhat forced to read it, which gets it stuck in your head even more. Heres a link to the commercial:


  8. Digital nation fun facts:
    First of all, I was fascinated that the narrators of this program were referring to the student body at M.I.T. as “the smartest batch of people on the planet.” That makes the school sound a lot more important. Another topic in Digital Nation that made me think was the proof that when we multitask we are ultimately slower. An example of this I can think of is when you are stuck walking behind some slow poke looking down at their phone as that double task is making both walking and texting take forever.
    I am amazed by the deep computer emergence among Korea and in the public schools they seemed to be sending a contradictory message, saying on a poster that constant gaming restricts your capacity to think while at the same they are forcing second graders to learn computer navigation. Of course they will be hooked on all of the available games.
    Computer use in our military is something we’ve known about, but I personally have not wanted to know more. Seeing one of the young guys sit back in his chair while pressing one button to bomb a building was a very uneasy feeling for me. That act could have potentially stirred up a hint of


  9. I have noticed within the last few years that most action film trailers are being cut much slower. During the climax of most trailers in the past there were usually a lot of very fast shots cut together in a choppy fashion. In most recent trailers i have noticed more long drawn out shots. I prefer the modern style because it helps represent the movie more clearly.


  10. This is a really bad example but it’s one I could think of and find on commercials interacting with their viewers through a computer like way


  11. I have recently noticed the rising technology of cellular phone digital imagery is enhancing and becoming HD, not only on screen images but also in games and apps, from the Nokia brick to the iPhone 4, digital imagery has become unbelievably advanced.


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