Extra VCLS Lecture: Reuben Irving 6pm Tues Oct 14

Don’t miss visiting filmmaker lecture 6pm on Tues Oct 14!


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5 thoughts on “Extra VCLS Lecture: Reuben Irving 6pm Tues Oct 14

  1. Jacqueline Walechka

    Reuben Irving’s lecture was very interesting and I am happy that I decided to go. I thought it was very fun to see all the films he has worked with as well as all the different paths he had taken to get to where he is today. I was surprised to hear that he went to Egypt to teach English to people, he has been to so many different places and seems very passionate about what he believes in. This made the lecture much more interesting to me and his video about the kids was something that really made me stop and think about how the world is such a huge place and not every part of the world is living peacefully which is sometimes hard to grasp when you’re in a decent place yourself. Gorilla cinema was interesting to me as well because I guess I never really imagined a time without YouTube and it’s easy to take it for granted. The last thing that I remember that I felt was interesting was the golden library, which was made when libraries were getting shut down. His work was a great inspiration and I am glad to have gotten the chance to listen to his story.


  2. Kayla Collins

    Before going to the visual culture lecture that Reuben Irving would be speaking at, I had no idea how much he has actually done. While listening to him speak for just a short amount of time, I then realized how great of a filmmaker he really is. Towards the beginning of the lecture, he mentioned that he’s the subject leader for film studies at the University of Worcester in England. He then went on to talk about some of the films that he’s worked on, with one of them being How To Be. This film stood out to me the most because it was pretty funny and Robert Pattinson was actually in the film. Not everyone can say they’ve gotten the opportunity to work with him. At the end of the lecture, he spoke more about the University of Worcester and I think that would be an amazing place to study abroad at. Overall, it was a very interesting lecture and it was definitely fun listening to him speak with his cool accent! To sum it up, there really isn’t much that Reuben Irving hasn’t done.


  3. Chanraksar Wat
    Reuben Irving’s lecture was an interesting one for me since I started to go to these lecture. I am happy that I got to listen to his story and also to see what he has working on and done. I thought he has a very interesting and challenging work experience with so many different journey and paths which he had taken and to get where his is at today. There no surprise to me that we has been working on and of with editing films and teaching, but want thing that caught my attention when he show us all about what he has done with those kid and how films cam change their live. Seem to me that what he is doing is not only pursuing what he is doing, but instead he wanted to what he can help those students with his knowledge and experiences in film. For that on until the lecture is over I can tell how much I learn from him and how much he has inspired me. Also, Reuben Irving has been going different place an seek for his passion and what he really want to do with his live. For me, I think that it is a good thing to do because whenever you go out, you almost always find yourself inspired and that would keep you going with your passion and what your truly want to do. The Gorilla cinema was another interesting part of the lecture to me because I have never heard it before and the way he spoke about that cinema, make me think that I need to learn more about what it is going on around me. Over, I think that I learn a lot from the lecture and I hope to see some more film producers and film editors.


  4. Mary Ahlberg

    I really enjoyed Reuben Irving’s lecture. First of all, I loved his accent! I also found it fascinating and cool that he lived in a tree for a while, as a protest sort of deal, before it got cut down. I thought it was cool that he is an environmentalist, and deals with a lot of environmental issues. The film production and editing of his career have been interesting too. Especially working with famous actors like Twilights’ Robert Pattenson. He also traveled the world with his film making and education. he went to Egypt, than Palestine, where he learned how to teach English, than returned home to England. He was first a film maker, than got into editing, and motion capturing in music videos. They were interesting to watch. One of the most touching parts of his lecture was when he shared with us the time he went and worked with a group of troubled children, at their school, and made a video documentary about their lives. It was very emotional and full of soul searching. Made me want to tear up a little. Also, during the lecture he talked a little about telephone tennis. He teaches children of all ages, and uses the same curriculum from kindergartens to college students. and last but not least he talked about his current job as a university professor, and all of the classes that are taught in his University in England. Overall, his lecture was very enjoyable.


  5. Going to Rueben Irving’s lecture was very interesting! I learned many different things that one can do thought their lives that can make a difference in others lives. One part of his lecture really struck me. Rueben went to a school and taught kids while trying to make a film. He documented their stories which were very hard and sad. we watched a bit of the film he was filming and it was very sad. the children talked about how they were seeing family members dying and disaster everywhere. the video game me shivers and goosebumps. It was also sweet to see Rueben get a bit emotional over it. he showed the crowed what it really meant to him. he also showed some interesting cinematography videos that he created and rendered. one that was created for MTV Europe with lots of stars and images with cgi effects. he also lived in a tree for a while just living in nature hanging and listening to stories. It was also interesting to learn about Gorilla cinema and thinking back to the times where there wasn’t as much technology right at our fingertips. overall this lecture was very interesting and Rueben has done so many things and is an inspiration to get out there and try new things.


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