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One thought on “#1WkNoTech

  1. Sometime media can be overwhelming and stressful because there are so much things happening all over the place. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you list it, there are always story about everything you can think of, it just makes me street out after awhile.

    At one point, I just seem to had enough of these story I saw on some media that talk about lost one and all and it was the same time our family missing our a member too. At that moment I push myself to stay away from any short of media just to find some place quiet. It was hard enough for me to stop thinking about all they sad story and now I had to push myself another step to face away from all the media where all my friends. But I did it.

    For the whole 2 weeks, I wasn’t touching any kind of media, not even watching the TV. Instead I started read the book because I think that reading is one way to keep yourself confuse and calm your mind. I was glad to find out that it was really helpful and that was my One Week No Tech experience for me and at the end I finally finish one of the book that I never thought that I could do that at all and there I was TO SAY THAT I DID!!!


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