Ildiko Rippel Guest Lecture / Wed Nov 19 at 5pm

University of Worcester theatre/ performance professor Ildiko Rippel visits UMD next week 11/17-11/20. She will be hosted by UMD Theatre department, Jenna Soleo-Shanks.

Don’t Miss: Ildiko’s public presentation on Wed November 19 at 5pm in Bohannon Hall 90.
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Ildiko Rippel
Senior Lecturer in Drama & Performance
Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts

Ildiko’s research focuses on new technologies in contemporary performance and the virtual presence of “non-performers” in theatre.

Ildiko is co-founder and artistic director of Zoo Indigo, Nottingham (, which has been creating and touring innovative contemporary theatre in collaboration with new media artists since 2002. Through the use of humour and the reprocessing of cultural images, Zoo Indigo’s work explores the accidental, anecdotal and autobiographical, with a focus on interactive new technology. Her research explores the digital “non-performer”, through involving live video connections to the performers’ sleeping children in Zoo Indigo’s performance Under the Covers (2009-2013).


7 thoughts on “Ildiko Rippel Guest Lecture / Wed Nov 19 at 5pm

  1. Chase Dunbar
    The guest lecturer, Ildiko Rippel, was a very entertaining woman to listen to. She began her lecture by demonstrating her most recent work on a ‘Thelma and Louise’ reenactment, with a bit of her own twist. She had a “live stream” of her son Charlie asleep in a crib, and if he was disturbed in his sleep the audience had to shush the baby back to sleep. This was a staged video, but it was a demonstration of her passion for making theater performance become more like real life. She aims towards having things be unscripted, non-staged, and fully interactive to become as real as possible. She said the best way to achieve this is using mixes of technology with performance. These technologies could be anything from audio, to video, to light projections. She showed various examples of her performances, and pointed out that she made the props used to make special effects very noticeable and almost cheesy to show the audience the reality of the performance. She ended her lecture by presenting the study abroad opportunities available for us at the Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts at the University of Worcester.


  2. Sonya Nayar
    Ildiko Rippel is very entertaining speaker and performer from England. She was originally born in Germany but came to England for school and decided to stay there permanently. She started off her lecture by telling us that she had left her baby at home in England with no babysitter. She said she had put an infrared camera in her son Charlie’s room so she could watch him while she was gone. She then told us we were going to talk to the baby and Skype her son. We woke the baby up and then sang to the baby and hushed him back to sleep. After this she told everyone that this was a fake segment. The point of doing this was to focus on not just how complicated the technology is but more about how technology can be used through performance. Ildiko talked about how by doing this you care creating a window into something actual and real even if it makes people feel nervous or uncomfortable. This short segment was part of a longer segment where she and her colleague Rosie act as Thelma and Louise. During their segment they do line dancing, have cardboard husbands, and stalk each other. This is all about real life, feminism, and actualization.


  3. The guest speaker for tonight’s lecture was Ildiko Rippel, a performer/theater speaker from England. Initially she showed the audience a supposed “live feed” of her son, Charlie, who was asleep back home in England. With the help of an infrared camera, Rippel said she was able to screen “live feed” footage and audio of her baby, whom the audience then was tasked to try to soothe with songs and humming. In the end, Rippel ended up telling us the truth, that the footage and audio was all pre-recorded, and that this was all a demonstration on how technology and performing arts can go hand-in-hand in a very successful way. I had come in a few minutes late, and therefore was slightly confused as to why there was a giant projection of a sleeping child, and to Rippel’s antics as she tried to soothe her baby to sleep; she was certainly a very entertaining speaker though, and it was a very different approach to go about her speech in this manner! Rippel then went on to show the audience some of her own work, from stalking her friend to taking cardboard cut-outs of her children into irresponsible places. She also showed us how the baby segment was part of a larger and more dynamic idea, in which she would take other people’s mothers and live feed them to their children whom were in the audience and see the results. Overall, Rippel’s conversation to the audience during the lecture was a breath of fresh air, as her technique felt more personal than an actual lecture, and left the audience feeling as though they had just talked to an advisor or close friend.


  4. Mary Ahlberg
    Sec. 2

    I also went and watched Ildiko Rippel’s lecture, she was very fun and entertaining. I first of all enjoyed her accent. She was very enthusiastic and had done her presentation so that audience could participate and interact with her during her talk. She used a video of her son, and we were to calm him down when he started to fuss. Very different, but fun.

    She focused mainly on theater. and the few projects she has worked on throughout the years. She does acting and performance with a mixture of video, Skype, and projections during the performances. It was fun to see what she had done, and I enjoyed the street performances that she explained. She had cardboard cut outs of her husband and kids and used them in her acts. One street performance was putting her kids cut outs in dangerous situation in the real world, or having people take picture with them or for here of them. It was very comical.

    She also at the end went and explained the courses and classes that she teaches in Nottingham England, at the university she teaches at. Overall, I really enjoyed her presention, she was very excited throughout it and you could see how passionate she is about what she does, which is always fun and well appreciated.


  5. Megan Ahlberg

    The guest speaker IIdiko Rippel is a performer and theatre speaker who is from England but originally from Germany. She started off her performance by showing the audience a “live feed” of her son sleeping back in England. She had us perform different tasks including making SSSHHHHH sounds and saying phrases if he were to wake up, along with playing with some toys that are soothing to him. She also showed the audience some of her work which included cardboard cut outs of her children and husband. She went around public going on dates and other different activities including putting her cardboard children in dangerous situations. She then showed us another segment that included a set of four mothers, which included her’s, in another “live feed” conversations, and have the audience reacting to them. Rippel was a fun guest to listen to for she involved the audience and keep us interested and involved in what she was presenting.


  6. Shelby Theis

    Ildiko’s presentation was very interesting to me. She started out her lecture as a short performance example of one of the actual performances that she tours. She had a video of her child on the screen as a “skype video” and played it off as if the video were actually in real time and we were to “baby sit” it as she performed. I was really confused at first why she was putting on this whole act, but then she taught us that this is what a majority of her performances include. She uses technology and video in her performances to bring in a different element that you don’t normally see in a live performance. I thought it was really cool that in one of her performances each of the performers mother was on a live skype call and was there for the performance of them imitating their mothers. In the picture she showed us of this, Ildiko’s mother wasn’t in the shot because she left the room, which I thought was really funny. It would be really cool to see one of these performances. Ildiko also talked about her teaching in England and the opportunities there are to study abroad. She was very energetic about everything and made it sound like a great program. Most of it was theatre based, but it was still cool to learn about all the options that are out there.


  7. Mark Sholl

    Ildiko had a very interesting lecture/presentation. I think what she is doing with technology and performance is awesome. I really liked the cardboard cutouts of her and her other partners’ children and how they put them in funny situations. I also think it was cool how she incorporates skype calls in her work like the one with her mom and her other partners’ moms. Her sets seem very simple but her technique is very unique and makes it really interesting. I would love to see one of her performances in person.


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