Digital Mixed-Media Final Projects

Final Project Reflection:
Write a short (~150 word) reflection on your final project…
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Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
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Title of Project:
Final Format: (materials / digital media / size / file type)

Describe your creative process on this project:
(What digital tools, image transfer techniques, or materials did you use?
What creative and technical issues came up as you worked? How did
you resolve problems?)

Evaluate the success of the concept and final craft of your
finished project: (What discoveries did you make? What would you
try again? What would you do differently? )


Fall 2014 Digital Narrative Project

Fairy tales and Myths can provide a rich starting point for a digital media project. Passed down from oral storytellers through literary traditions to new media, they are always altered by retelling to reflect the needs of the storyteller and the aesthetics of the time. Because the story is so well known, it can be altered significantly and still remain resonant and recognizable to the contemporary audience. In 10 images, tell a a very old story in a new way. Final Reflections and links to webgalleries posted to comments here

Beauty and the Beast by Anna Frank

More examples of student projects… (see links in comments for more projects)


detail / Mitchell Ringness

The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

retold as first person game


detail / Rapunzel by Erica Kachinske


Birth of Venus by Kinzie Longley


Monkey King (detail) by Va Yang


post-production storyboards / Megan Ahlberg’s Cinderella

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