Digital Mixed-Media Final Projects

Final Project Reflection:
Write a short (~150 word) reflection on your final project…
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Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
Your Name:
URL of final portfolio:
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Title of Project:
Final Format: (materials / digital media / size / file type)

Describe your creative process on this project:
(What digital tools, image transfer techniques, or materials did you use?
What creative and technical issues came up as you worked? How did
you resolve problems?)

Evaluate the success of the concept and final craft of your
finished project: (What discoveries did you make? What would you
try again? What would you do differently? )


17 thoughts on “Digital Mixed-Media Final Projects

  1. Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
    Kayla Collins
    URL of final portfolio:
    Title of Project: Digital Reflection
    Final Format: (Image transfer onto ceramic tile / 3-12×12 ceramic tiles)

    For this final project I decided to build on the mosaic project. I had three separate ideas from that project consisting of self-portraits and other various images using photography. To add to this final project I added graphic images such as spirals and vines with leaves. Instead of printing this project onto paper like I did with the original mosaic, I chose to transfer the 3 images onto 3 separate ceramic tiles using Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper. While creating this project, one of the issues that came up was when I placed the Lazertran paper in the water it immediately curled up. I had to quickly unroll it and make sure it stayed unrolled until it was completely on the tile. Once this process was done, I finished the project by placing varnish on the images using a brush.

    One of the many discoveries I made while creating this project was after I put the varnish on, the white parts of the images became clear and showed the tile through them. In a way, I think this transparency created a digital look and it added to the digital part of my project. If I were to create this project again, I would make sure to use the same varnish that I used because I really like what it added to my project. Something differently I would do though is try to find ceramic tiles that are a little smaller or add more images to each of the tiles so there isn’t as much empty tile.

    Blog posts:
    Recently Noticed in Digital Culture
    Rip! A Remix Manifesto
    Visual Culture Lecture Series with Wanda Pearcy
    Digital Nation

    Extra credit:
    I helped set up at The Depot for the Sophronioa project for extra credit.
    I also attended the Visual Culture Lecture Series with Reuben Irving for extra credit.


  2. Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
    Va Yang
    Photograhic Lantern
    Japanese Paper, Photos transferred onto paper, wooden dowels, tape and wire, 12×12″

    I used digital photos transfered onto japanese paper using inkjet projector sheets and gel. For my skeleton I used wooden dowels with tape and wire. I feel my project was not as successful as I imagined it due to my lack of knowledge of building the skeleton. I tried mutiple ones, it was just not even and I couldn’t make it even. It didn’t turn out how I wanted it at all. I would have used squared dowels and filed it down if I was to redo it or maybe even use fabric instead of paper. I am disappointed in how it turned out. I didn’t have proper materials like white glue on hand and a file or sand paper to make the dowels fit better together. I think making actual tangible art is cool but very hard for me. I discovered that vision/imagination of my results will never turn out the same.


  3. Mary Ahlberg
    Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
    Project Reflection

    URL of final portfolio:

    Title of Project: Dream in the Life of a College Student.
    Final Format: Pillow, eye pillow, and heating neck sock. The pillow is 16×16 in. and has a Photoshop digital image I created printed onto it, using fabric image transfer sheets. I also made both the eye pillow (around 5×3 in.), and neck sock (16×2 in.) using fabric, thread, rice, and lavender oil; they are also printed on using image transfers of my digital work.

    Well, at first I was having a hard time thinking about what to do, but I decided on doing a pillowcase, I went to Michaels and found a cute pillow and decided to use that to do an iron on fabric transfer onto. Than it took a while to figure out what image I want to create to relate to dreaming, but I went a more abstract way, which turned out neat; it definitely related to my crazy year; it was an overwhelming, stressful, sleep deprived, and non stop semester. I had never done this technique before, so I was a little nervous going into it, but didn’t end up having any issues. It was fun getting to sew again, and make the eye pillow and neck sock, they turned out great for it being my first time ever making them. I feel like this project was very successful. I definitely want to try these techniques out again on future projects. I think that for the neck sock, I would do the image transfer differently; the transfer method was the least successful for this series. Since its an iron on, it ended up cracking and stretching when I used it, but that doesn’t really bother me to much esthetically, it looks like it should have cracks in it, it does wrap around your neck. But overall, I really ended up enjoying this project and I’m proud of how they all turned out.


  4. Megan Ahlberg
    Digital Mixed Media Final Project
    A Mosaic Shoe

    When thinking about what to do for my final project I decided that I wanted to continue on with a second piece based off my narrative project of Cinderella. I created a mosaic on a high-heeled shoe with pieces of mirror. I glued the pieces of glass on the shoe and then grouted the entire piece. For the digital part of this project I created a collage of birds on a picture of the pattern on the shoe that is the inside pattern of the shoe. I then changed the color to red and placed birds of many sizes that I created in the narrative in the pattern. I used a fabric transfer method. I cut out the fabric in the shape of the inside.

    I had some issues with the placement of the glass mirror pieces as well as how to get the inside to look right. I feel that I resolved the problems pretty easily with just playing around and seeing what worked the best. I feel like I grasped my concept pretty well with the idea of a glass shoe to represent Cinderella. I had fun doing this project and probably will continue to do this kind of project in the future. I would want to try and figure out the best ways to place and tack on the materials. Overall this was a fun project.


  5. Mitchell Ringness
    Digital/Mixed Media Final Project
    “A Barrierless Earth”
    Lazertran image transfer paper (four separate 11″x8″ pieces of paper) on a 32″x24″ glass mirror.

    Initially when I started this project I had thought to do eight separate images all on a single glass mirror; these images would be of different dreams and nightmares that I’d had over the past few weeks, with four of them being dreams and four of them being nightmares. However, as time went on, I ended up creating an image that I was immensely proud of, and I therefore decided to do the project solely on that creation. Titled “A Barrierless Earth” my final project image is comprised of well over 70 various layers and images melded into one detailed and vivid picture. The final image is made up of four separate pieces of Lazertran paper, which I then applied to a large mirror.

    I had some major issues until just recently, as I kept on buying the wrong kind of varnish. The varnishes I had previously used would not get rid of the white part of the image, therefore making it very unprofessional and untidy. This upset me greatly, and I felt like my final project would not be truly done until I remedied this. Therefore, immediately after class this morning, I went to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for a second time to see if they had what I needed. Luckily, they did, and I finally was able to get the right varnish for my project! The end result after applying the third and final varnish is infinitely better than what it looked like previously, and I can now finally say that I’m very happy with the end result!


  6. Kinzie Longley
    Fragile Innocence
    Glass plate (8”X8”), Lasertran (3”X5”), and Photography (300 resolution)

    For this final project I wanted to transfer images onto plates. I have been researching many digital media artists and I saw one artist that transferred digital images onto floral plates. I then decided I wanted to do a somewhat similar approach as that artist had. I went to Saver’s and found several simple plates with small flowers scattered across them. Next I printed out my images onto lasertran paper and then put the images on the plates. I had a tough time trying to pick out a varnish to put over the plates, but I finally picked out an eco-friendly oil based varnish. One of the problems I encountered was that I put all of the lasertran pictures onto the plates and then I waited to long for them to dry, so it was fairly hard to get the varnish to hold down the images. I ended up going over the images about 2-3 times so that none of the image would peel up on the edges.

    I found out that the varnish really makes a difference, if I were to have used a different varnish; the image could have dried in a completely different way. Overall I believe that my overall concept was successful, and I am happy about the final outcome. If I were to do this project again, I would break the plate before putting any images on it and then solder it together, to create imperfectness to everything in the piece.

    Blog Posts:
    Recently Noticed in Digital Culture
    Rip! A Remix Manifesto
    Visual Culture Lecture Series with Wanda Pearcy
    Digital Nation


  7. Mark Sholl
    “Into the Blue” logo on shirt
    T-shirt transfer iron on

    At first, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with this project. I didn’t really want to do anything to time consuming, complicated, or expensive. I decided to go with a t-shirt transfer. I was going to use my mosaic project that I made and transfer it onto a shirt. When I went to go look for a white shirt that I thought I had, I couldn’t find it. I did find a different shirt that used the same colors as my design so I decided to use the back of the shirt to put my design on. Since the design was on the back of the shirt, I didn’t want it to be too large. I placed it underneath the back collar of the shirt. I made some test prints of the designs with some different opacities because my design uses some opacity. When I went to iron it on, I did a test iron first. I ironed my design on to some practice cloth. I realized that the lightest face of my design was a little too hard too see. For my final attempt, I used the design in which I made the design darker and I ironed it on. It looked a lot better and I am happy with how it turned out. If I had more time and unlimited resources, I probably would have tried to do something more complex.


  8. Chanraksar Wat
    “narrative/self portrait concept”
    T-shirt, canvas, cloth, plate and card board
    Different sizes/ materials

    When I first started to take Digital Mix_Media course I had never thought that I would be able to share so much joys and thought with classmates as I did. The class side was perfect for my liking, it was not to big nor to small. Better yet, I was a friend to some of my classmates in a previous year which make me feel so much more confidence toward this class. The course has given me a great experiences. I learned so much things yet I also had over come so much difficulty, whether thinking and experimenting in class. I learned to be more creative, to see limitless possibility to my creative ideas in a professional direction. I also knowledge more visual language and visual value judgment of different types of art. As I take this course, I tried a different series of of project and widely experimented different approaches toward Mix_Media and understand the important of Mix_Art work. We been working with different direction such as digital, hand drawing, painting. All of those experiment led us to a great ending for the course.
    For the final, I wanted to bring my own personal ideas into the project. I was trying to experiment with vary techniques for a different result. By transferring my images onto a different surfaces such as printing mounted, transferring on a t-shirt, puzzles, and a traditional transfer on to a plate. For each individual technique, it gave me a new and even more interesting look to my artworks. Before I moved on to the transforming process, I spent sometimes working with digital images in Photoshop. The first problem that I encountered was the printing process. I was struggled in figuring out how to print the images. However, I did solved this problem by test print all of images before my final print. Last but not list, the second biggest problem that I found was choosing the perfect varnish for my artworks. After testing most many varnishes I found out that certain varnish only work for certain artworks and my artworks works best with spray varnishing. I found myself enjoy working with t-shirt transferring than other techniques. If we have more time I would like to try to play with transferring on more surfaces and most likely printing a bigger images.


  9. Anna Frank
    Lazertran onto antique book

    I honestly had no idea where I was going with this project. All I knew was that I had an old book, and I wished to “embellish” or decorate it. The digital aspect I used was lasertran, unfortunately I didn’t notice the email about that varnish until most of my project was done. I was frustrated as to why the white kept showing up in the background, but with enough paint, I feel like I was rather successful in fitting the images onto the cover. I remixed some of the images I used to add my personal digital touch to it.

    After I worked on the cover a great deal, I got more of an idea of what I wanted to do for the rest of the book. I went back to thinking about beauty and the beast, but more emphasizing on the beast character, and how its considered an outcast in a sense and re-emphasized that idea on the back cover and slightly also on the spine. If I could try this project again I think I would choose larger surfaces, but I would still use lazertran. I wouldn’t mind trying gel medium transfer as well. Or just large digital prints in a triptych installation format would be a lot more in my comfort range. I would be more than happy to try this project again if I have time another semester.


  10. Jacqueline Walechka
    “Mosaic Remix”
    Final Format: I used Print and Transfer paper, Photoshop, Pillowcase: 20×30 inches, file type: Photoshop PDF.
    In my project I used Photoshop to remix my previous projects in this class. I used Print and Transfer paper for fabric; I used this paper to transfer my Photoshop images onto a striped pillowcase. In my remixing of my images I had to change the color scheme of all my Photoshop images to match the colors of the pillowcase. I had problems with remixing at first, but I solved it by taking a mosaic approach to my images. I also had trouble figuring out how I wanted to position my images on my pillowcase, I decided that since my images were mosaic like and that the pillow had stripes, that I would cut parts of my images in strips and then make the center piece into fourths to create a broken image with the implied line of an “X” in the center. I discovered that once I ironed on the images that the colors changed to be a bit darker than I had imagined, however I was glad with the results because I liked it better with the colors being darker than I had originally planned. If I could do anything differently I think that maybe I would switch the corners around so that each side would have had one light and one dark corner instead of the left side having the two dark corners and the right side having the two lighter corners.
    I did all of the blogs; I believe this is all of them:
    Recently noticed post
    Rip remix manifesto
    Digital nation
    Went to Wanda Pearcy’s lecture and posted to blog
    Digital Narrative Project

    Extra credit: went to Sophronia and helped keep people interacted and helped keep props organized.


  11. Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
    Anastasiya Toakreva
    “Night Fairy”
    Fabric transfer iron-on on a cotton pillow case(20″x30″)

    For this project I used a photograph that I manipulated and edited in Photoshop. I also made stars to incorporate with the original photography and a moon with a tree branch solely from Photoshop. I then used an iron-on transfer to place the images on two pillow cases. I couldn’t decide which style of image I liked better, so I just did both. On my first pillow case(the purple one), I accidentally burned the fabric. To cover up the blemish, I decided to add a second moon on the spot. In this process, I discovered that sometimes less is more. I would for sure try doing iron-ons again. If i could start over, I would be more careful with the babric to avoid burning it.


  12. Bailey Willenbring

    “Chandelier/Wind Chime” of Self Portrait (Mosaic)
    Images on Lazertran paper transferred to glass, covered with varnish and combined to make final project.

    My final Digital Arts:Mixed Media final, I chose to really go outside of my box. I wanted to create a chandelier/wind chime that reflected the images when light hits it. So I went to Michael’s and bought glass and broke it to get that mosaic look. Than I took my images that were on lazertran paper and transferred them over to the glass, put varnish over them, and than connected them to my chandelier structure.
    Originally I was just going to let my design hang and flow with the wind, but I was advised to encase it somehow so people would not get hurt with the sharp edges of the glass. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that, but luckily I was able to find vases that were hollow and combine them together to create that outside layer and protection. I also was going to put a LED light source on it, but when I tried to connect it to my project, it just looks cheap and silly. So I decided I would keep my main idea, and have the natural light be the light source.

    I am really happy with how my final turned out. I think it represents who I am as an artist in the digital age plus it shows my creative side. I like to work hands on, so this project was great. It was challenging at times, but I worked through it and am satisfied with my project!


  13. Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
    Amy Gensmer

    Project Reflection
    Final Mixed Media Project
    Final Format: Photography, Ink, Wood/ Digital Media/ size/ JPEG

    For my final project I wanted to work on transferring my photography and drawings onto recycled pieces of wood. I was really attracted to the idea of having the wood grain fill in the white spots to my photos and drawings and also wanted to experiment with painting some wood. I began by finding recycled pieces of wood, and painting the wood pieces. For the pieces of wood I wanted to transfer black and white photos to, I decided to paint the wood a more natural color that gave it a more “finished” look. I painted the wood that I planned to transfer my drawings onto, yellow, purple and pink, and then went over them with two different blue colors to give them a unique blue color. I printed my images onto lazar tran paper and cut them out to fit the wood blocks. After many experimentations and practice rounds, I decided to transfer the images from the lazar tran paper onto the wood by using water, and finishing it with oil based varnish to get rid of the white.

    When I finished the transfer, I was very pleased with the final product. It looked exactly how I imagined it. However, it wasn’t until after I finished my piece that I received an email telling me that the varnish I was recommended to use was not the right varnish and that in a couple days the varnish will wear off. This is the most disappointing news I could have received. Hopefully I will find a way to put some other type of varnish on top of it and will be able to save it.

    I really like the way my final project turned out and would enjoy transferring more of my work onto recyclable material, especially wood. If I could go back and change anything, I would buy the right type of varnish, and would sand paper the wood.

    Blog Posts:

    Recently Noticed
    RIP! Remix
    Digital Nation
    (I emailed you the blog post on my Narrative Story)

    Extra Credit:
    Put together the images for Bartok Slideshow and went to your Sophronia Show at the Depot.


  14. Baylee Reinert
    3 Candle Holders

    For my final project I wanted to do something fun that I knew I would enjoy and I also wanted to try something that I had never done before. I chose to make three candle holders that were covered with my images. I printed onto Lazertran paper in order to be able to transfer the images to the glass candle holders. A technical issue with this project came about when I was printing the images. I didn’t know what size to print them and I had to do a lot of tests before I got the right size. When I printed the final size on the Lazertran it was still a little big so it made it difficult when I applied the glaze. I overcame this problem by applying a lot of glaze to ensure that the paper would stay down and not peel off. I think my final project was very successful and I really enjoy how it turned out. I am definitely interested in trying this again with different materials.

    Blog Posts:
    Recently Noticed
    Rip! Remix
    Digital Nation
    Narrative Story


  15. Chase Dunbar
    The ‘Radana’
    Materials: 22”x22” bandana with digital composition ironed on.

    I like to wear bandanas, but I’m annoyed with every bandana having the same design. I wanted to make a bandana that wouldn’t just have a new design, but many new designs. I came up with a way to implement four designs into a single bandana based upon the way you fold it. I began my process by folding a square sheet of paper the same way that I would a bandana. I then colored the areas of the paper that are exposed after being folded with different color markers. This gave me a good idea of how I could make this idea possible. I then bought three white, cotton bandanas and did the same coloring with one of them like I did with the paper. I took a picture of this bandana, and used it as a template for the Photoshop project. I designed the overall composition to have one half winter and one half summer. The two halves had two sports designed into them: biking and boarding. The summer side has mountain biking and wakeboarding. The winter side has snow biking and snowboarding. I then split this full composition into six different pieces so I could print them onto the transfer paper. I ironed the images onto a bandana to create the full composition. I like how the final product turned out, but I wish I had made the imagery a lighter tone. Also, I couldn’t piece the separate images onto the cloth in perfect symmetry. The bandana still works as expected, so I consider my piece an overall success.

    Recently Noticed – Complete
    Rip! Remix – Complete
    Digital Nation – Complete
    Choice Lecture – Ildiko – Complete
    Extra Credit: Helped with Sophronia at the Depot – Complete


  16. Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
    Sonya Nayar

    Title: The 222 Girls
    Final Format: The materials I used for this assignment were pencil drawings, see through cloth, ribbon, string, makeup, puffy pant, a towel, body glitter, matt board, food and drink labels, Christmas boxes, previous grades and papers, feathers, earrings, gems, headphones, a lanyard, and paint. The digital media sizes I used was 20×24 with 300 dpi saved as a jpeg.

    Describe your creative process on this project:
    My creative process for this project was going off my mosaic project of myself and making it in to a series by making each of my roommates. I really liked how my mosaic turned out and I liked my concept of splitting ourselves up in two main concepts of something else within us. I didn’t want to do ethnicity for everyone else because I don’t think it plays as big of a role in the other girl’s lives. For the first part of my final (and the second one in the series) I tried to split my roommate Aimee up into how she naturally is and then the pretty face she puts on for people. She naturally has dark brown hair, which makes her eyes look green. She is very passionate about working out, playing soccer, and eating and cooking healthy foods. At the same time she can transform herself on the weekends into a glamorous and trendy girl. For Aimee I started by drawing her in pencil and then I placed her drawn image overtop the original picture and then opactisized it. I heightend the saturation a lot and tried to stick with a small color pallet. I then printed and matted it and then drew again on my print. I glued my various materials to it, curled the blonde see through ribbon on the right side with a curl iron and applied makeup on half of her face. When she was finished I topped it off by spraying body glitter on the print. For the next one I split Lauren up by depicting her future and past self. In her future self I tried to put in Irish symbols and stick to a green color pallet. This is because not only is she part Irish but it is her goal to study abroad there this year through a marketing program here at UMD. We all call Lauren an old soul so this is the reason the other half of her looks like a flapper from the 20s. She loves singing so this is the reason for the music notes coming down her hair. I went out about this the same as the first pieces and cut and glued jewelry, feathers, homework and gems to this. In the last piece I split Laura up by showing her current self and where she intends to be. She currently is a typical college student so I showed her in a flannel and UMD apparel. She has headphone in and is surviving off of coffee. She hopes to eventually get her masters degree and become a speech pathologist. She wants to help people who get in accidents and lose there speaking ability. This is why I drew a brain over half of her with words falling out that someone in her profession can help put back in.
    The biggest technical issue making sure the resolution was the same in each since the first one started off low and still trying to make everyone tie in together and have each balance out the next and unify my piece as a whole.

    Evaluate the success of the concept and final craft of your
    finished project: While doing this project I discovered that it worked well the most when I drew or painted on top of what was already printed instead of just only drawing in the very first step of my process. I also learned how tacky puffy paint looks and I wish I had put that on there. I love the whole concept of mixed media because I really enjoy studio art and mixing it with things that is digital and new age. It was exciting to be working with these different forms of media but if I were to do this again I don’t want to work with paper. I really want to try doing something with laser Tran and metal.


  17. Digital Art Mixed-Media Final
    Mariah Ballard

    Mash Tash 2 on Youtube
    Location: 1800-1806 W Skyline Pkwy
    Duluth, MN 55806
    46.775739, -92.122058

    The Beautiful People
    To complete this project I used the crop tools, pen tool, and paintbrush tool to create a frame animation. I found that I had a hard time making sure the mustaches matched the frame before so it looked like it was moving. I also had a hard time trying to re-learn iMovie. Overall I believe I succeeded in creating my first “puppet show.” If I could do this again I would take more time to create more frame animations so the mustache looked like it moved more realistic. It was exciting to learn how to do animations and I am excited to come up with new ideas.


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