Blog #2 > Selfie at MASH'TASH Location

Select a local LOCATION for your MASH’TASH project. The location must have public access and be a place you can pinpoint on a google map. Share your idea for a location on the blog comments here. (about 150 words, where/ what / why is this the location that you want to develop?) Scout location for Mash’Tash project by visiting with camera to shoot stills and selfies. Have these images ready to share at the second class. Plan for self portrait / story or personal anecdote that is set in this location. Follow the MASH’TASH rules.


15 thoughts on “Blog #2 > Selfie at MASH'TASH Location

  1. Mariah Ballard

    The location I chose for the Mash Tash Project is overlooking Duluth near Engar Tower, which is located on West Skyline Parkway. The area I prefer to visit does not have much room for parking, in fact you must pull on the side of the road where the pavement does not reach and there is a dirt patch. I decided this would be a good area because it is not usually cluttered with traffic and is fairly secluded. It over looks Lake Superior, Canal Park, and the lift bridge. The best time to visit this location is during fall, when the trees are the most colorful and vibrant. Another good time to go is during winter when there is a lot of snow or it is snowing, a little bit more dangerous but the view is awesome. Another good time to be here is on a clear night when the stars are out and you can see all the lights below you.


  2. Mitchell Ringness

    My tentative location for the Mash Tash Project is the Anytime Fitness located on East Superior street here in Duluth. There are many reasons as to why I chose this location – it is nearby, it is a versatile and lively environment that could be useful for a comedy or a serious short film, it has special meaning to me personally, and there are a lot of varying viewpoints unique to that location that could prove invaluable in a film. I would, however, probably have to go to this location at night, when there are not as many people there that would be in the way. It is worth noting that the environment is what makes this place so special, as it is a colorful and open space filled with many opportunities to make an interesting and dynamic short film. I have also spent quite a bit of time there, so I am familiar with the gym’s set-up and how things work there. I am currently planning on doing some sort of comedy, with a nice addition of some more serious notes, so I think that the Anytime Fitness gym would provide everything I need and more to successfully pull my film off!


  3. Sou Van Vang- Section 2

    A local location that I feel I have a strong connection with is this public beach area along the side of Lake Superior. It’s right past the lift bridge going towards park point and can be accessed through the first parking lot to the left. Since I’ve been moved up to Duluth for school about 3 years ago, my friends and I have visited this beach every year during the spring time right after the winter ice break free from the shore. We go there during the night time to perform this activity called “smelting”. All geared up in warm clothing and waders, we walk into the water holding a big net and once we get about 50 yards out into the lake, and pull the net back hoping to catch this invasive fish called Smelt. Friends come out and we hang out around the bond fire all at the same time. It’s a very fun experience.


  4. Gannon McDonald, Section 2

    The location I have chosen for my project is Chester Creek. There is a specific spot along the creek where it narrows down and there’s a nice rock to sit on directly adjacent to the creek, and you’re able to look onto it, its a very nice view. I’ve always thought It’d be a great place to go and sit in the summer or spring, and sketch a bunch of the things I see. My friends and I like to go on walks around the Chester Park/Bowl/Creek area so I find the area very comforting. Its quiet enough there (at certain points along the creek its not quiet) but that specific point along the creek is relatively quiet, thats always nice. Also, if it gets too quiet, there’s usually people who walk along the path, so it’s not a lonely place at all. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy being there and being outside.


  5. Kyle Powley Section 002

    The location I want to use for the MASH’TASH project is the Graffiti Graveyard. The Graffiti Graveyard is located under highway 35. This site is so interesting to me because its like a hidden wonder. It lives and breaths under Duluth. Its a place were anyone can go, and leave their creative mark on the world. The first time I was down there, I was just amazed with how much graffiti was down there. This place gives me a feeling a freedom because there is no rules or exceptions for the work that is on the walls. The work you see one time may not be there the next time, so it makes me think about all the artist that come through here and then I wonder who these people are and what they do. This place is inspiring, vast, mysterious and I love it.


  6. Alli Robertson section 1

    The location I picked for this project is the pond at Bagleys Nature center. I chose this place because in the fall to get my mind off things and relieve some stress I would go running on the trails in Bagley and I always started at the pond. I love being outdoors on a nice day and the trails were beautiful in the fall with the leaves changing and every once in a while you would see deer in the woods or even on the trail. I have fall photos on the trees and the pond with ducks swimming on it and I plan on getting some winter photos as well to use on my project. I thought about somehow showing all the seasons throughout my pictures or using the ducks in some way into my animation. I could use the mustache on the duck or somehow use the leaves of the trees to make the mustache, I want to try to do something creative with the mustache instead of it just being on a person.


  7. Jess Naber

    The location I chose for the Mash’Tash project is Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum. It’s this giant concrete structure by the Duluth Lakewalk. It’s known for people jumping off of it into Lake Superior. I went there with some of my close friends last fall. We took a bus down to Canal Park and swam out to the structure. At first I thought you just swam to it and climbed to the top, but you have to swim underneath it and go up through a small hole in the bottom using a rope to pull yourself up. Then you climb to the top and the only way down is to jump. Me, being afraid of heights, when I got to the top I wanted to just climb back down and swim back, but that’s not an option which is good because it gave me some great memories with my friends. We took some pictures when we went, but I’ll probably go back out and take some more and maybe do an animation of someone jumping off.


  8. I chose the hill at the top of Bagley Park for my Mash-tash Project. This hill is the location a lot of my favorite memories. In fact, when I first got to UMD I met my roommates and we explored the campus—like most of the new students—and towards the end of the day we all decided to climb this hill in the park. When I got to the top and saw the lake and sky meet I felt a great sensation of satisfaction and a sanguine that to this day reinforce my decision to be here. Another memory of mine this hill retains was during February in heavy snow, it was midnight and I was not in the best of moods when my roommate asks me if I want to go with him to Bagley to watch the northern lights. I decided to go and on our way there we run into a sledder who joins us and even lets us take turns using the board. We stay up well past three a.m. watching the sky and sledding/wiping out in the snow.(needless to say I was a much happier person afterwards).


  9. The location I chose for this website is an abandoned school off homestead rd in Duluth, close to two harbors. The reason I chose this location is because as an artist, it provides a lot of inspiration and you get to see so many different aspects of the history and people who have gathered there. The graffiti on the walls tell many stories of wanderers who have found their way to the location, walking through each room you can picture what it could have once looked like before abandonment and what it once was, there are even lingering artifacts such as desks and chairs that really give you a surreal feeling of children there. It’s a very adventurous location, which is one of my favorite things about it. I love exploring new places (especially once abandoned or old) and putting pieces together through its history and looks. I really enjoy photography as well so this was my favorite location to explore and photograph. Duluth has so many beautiful hiking trails, meeting places, parks, etc. but I am the type of person who rather wander and find something undiscovered and new, something adventurous, and ultimately something outside of the norm.


  10. Keegan Burckhard Section 2

    The location I chose for the Mash’Tash project is a place along Tischer Creek. There is a path along this creek all the way to Lake Superior and it is beautiful year round. The specific spot that is of interest to me is where the creek opens up into a small canyon. The trees are huge and enclose this place from anything man made. The first time I found this location I was exploring in the fall with my old roommate, and now I have gone back in the winter and it takes on whole new feel covered in snow. I saw a lot of trees fallen over so I am going to play with animating a tree to fall into the canyon.


  11. Taylor Maki Section 2

    The location I chose for my Mash’Tash project is Animal Allies Humane Society. It’s located between the airport and Rice Lake road.
    It’s a special location to me as it is my job, as well as my home away from home. I’m very fortunate to say I love my job, the animals, and my co-workers.
    It’s also the first place I really connected to when I first moved to Duluth this past year. It was a stressful time, but kitten and puppy cuddles improved my situation greatly!


  12. Chase Dunbar

    The location I chose was the Skywalk section that crosses from downtown Duluth over 35W to the DECC in Canal Park. This is a special place for me because I live in this area and cross this bridge on a daily basis. I decided to shoot this area at night. I wanted to show this spot at night because the lights of Duluth are very vivid and aesthetically pleasing to the scene. I also find this hallway to be very erie at night. It is extremely long and lit up in an ominous way. I wanted to have a mobster scene shown in this empty hallway with the many lights shown in the background of the city. I feel like the color palette of this area gives a good serious mood to the situation, and worked perfectly for the purpose of my video.


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