FINAL PROJECT CHOICES / post your plan

Final Projects must integrate the concept of DIGITAL ART MIXED-MEDIA. Your approach may use tactile materials or traditional art techniques at the beginning or the end of your process. Your final project plan must outline your step by step plan, and describe the final format you will turn in for grading. More info in class!


Work with personal ideas about sleep and dreams to develop a conceptual approach to the theme. Create original imagery on the sleep/dream theme using digital tools. Images may be illustrative, abstract, photographic or any mix. Experiment with tactile media and iron-on image transfer process to integrate digital imagery onto fabric. Use both compositional space and limited materials inventively to solve this problem. Craft a final mixed-media work that creatively uses both sides of a cotton pillowcase. Inspiration on blog:

Option 2: NATURE MEETS MACHINE / Create a work of digital mixed-media art that explores the relationship between the natural world and technology. Respond honestly to your own experience with digital media and daily life. Work with imagery and mixed-media to express your thoughts about how to strike balance in the digital age. Works may be in any materials, but must integrate both digital media and nature in some way.

Option 3: RE-MIXED-MEDIA using imagery from NARRATIVE or Other Previous Project
Revisit the Narrative project, using the imagery you have already created in an alternative format. This could take the form of a wearable work, or a mixed-media work using any digital transfer method on any materials… Some students may choose to work on a short animation or video version using their narrative images.
Link to Wearable Art examples :
Digital Narrative links:
OR Revisit any earlier project… Develop a series of images (at least 10 iterations) Transfer the best imagery to a tactile object or unusual surface. Experiment with alternative materials such as Fabric, Wood, Glass, Metal…
Link to Tactile Media Transfers:
Link to Remix Culture:

Option 4: Mermaid Mashups
Contribute imagery or animations to the collaborative Mermaid Tales digital projections / project to be shared at the Nordic Center gallery in Duluth May 8-26. See more info in class.


15 thoughts on “FINAL PROJECT CHOICES / post your plan

  1. Paul Jensen
    Sec 002

    For my project I am planning to make an animation based on my Three Little Pigs narrative project. My project was originally very texture based and I think that will transfer to a very interesting video project. I am planning on animating the images I already have and possibly updating some to make them translate better to an animation project. I am unsure as to if I will turn the final product into some sort of mixed media/physical product but as of now I am open to the idea and will probably think of some options as I work on it.


  2. Alli Robertson
    Section 001

    For my project I am going with the dream theme. I plan on buying a pair of white flat shoes so that I can transfer the design that I come up with onto them. The dream that I have that I want to make a design for has to do with all the stars in the sky falingl into the ocean and start to glow ( I know I have weird dreams). I plan to design a image from scratch on photoshop or illustrator.


  3. Sou Van Vang
    Sec 002

    I would like to go with the first option “To Sleep Perchance To Dream”. I have this dream from my childhood that I would like to reflect, where a child is staring out of a spaceship window onto the surface of a deserted planet and there is an astronaut jumping around. I plan executing the image using photoshop first and then using lasertran image transfer to transfer it onto either a glass surface or a mirror. There will be a transparency to the image so it will be unclear whether you are staring out into space or into the spaceship.


  4. Allison Hatz

    I would like to use option 5 for the final project. I want to play around with the idea more of light and glass for images. I plan on using a shadow box and having lazertran for my Mixed Media. I want to play with the double exposure look, so I will create images in photoshop that have double exposure on one piece of glass, and on another glass I will have a background that contributes to the double exposure. I am interested by how it will look and turn out with the sun shining through both images.


  5. Gannon McDonald
    Section 2

    I plan on choosing the first option for the Final project; “To Sleep Perchance to Dream”. There is a recurring dream I have been having ever since around 6th or 7th grade, the dream is about strange colored Velociraptors, a jungle area, and me escaping this jungle area. After leaving this jungle area and escaping the Velociraptors, I follow a path in the jungle that slowly turns into a road, that road leads to a post-apocalyptic city. Once I arrive at this city I stumble through broken down buildings until I arrive at a parking ramp. I climb to the top of this abandoned parking complex and find myself looking over the edge of the ramp onto the scene before me. I hear something behind me and fall off of the ramp and before I hit the ground I wake up. My plan is to transfer my imagery onto a pillowcase for the final project.


  6. Laura Schmidt
    Section 2

    For my final project, I am going with the ‘nature meets machine” theme. This past semester I have found using a guided meditation app on my phone has been really helpful in the hustle and bustle of the week. Forcing myself to stop, has been so vital in my productivity and overall mood. I am planning to take imagery that explores the idea of mediation and technology, two seemingly opposite things, and how when they are thrown together they work.


  7. Eric Soderberg

    I’m going to remix my narrative project for my final. I’m going to come up with a way to encorporate money into it somehow, I thought about transferring the images onto glass and creating a layer of bills behind it. I’m still playing around with options at the moment, but that’s my general concept.


  8. Losa Jung

    For my final project, I will be continuing with my narrative project (Little Red Riding Hood). I’ll be prepping my narrative project to place them on to my portfolio website. For final I’ll be creating animated gifs for some of the panels to show more motions and add digital side to my portfolio. Animated gifs will be something like (wolf showing up, clouds moving, Red walking down the forest) where it is not going to be super complicated but needs a lot of layers to create motions.


  9. Katie McLeod
    For my final project I’m going to draw a design for the first option, To Sleep Perchance to Dream. This will help me build towards my gallery opening next spring with my theme for Dreams. The image will illustrate my nightmare of being contained and falling. Then I will transfer that image onto the pillow case. I will also go back in and add text to my graphic novel to finish it off.


  10. I pick option 5. I will be making a simple board game because it not only services as a practical piece but also because it is something I will keep and mostly likely use in my future. The game will include a 24 by 24 inch image attached to gator board and include a multitude of cards with different design patterns on them.


  11. Final Project Choice
    Alaina Roth
    Remake of Mosaic (Kind of)

    Theme: a medical ad for a hospital or insurance company.

    Materials: Plexy Glass or Plastic, wood, glue, possibly nails, black light, and lazer-tran paper

    Proposal of Idea: I would like to take a new spin on the mosaic project by creating a health ad (still to be determined), the structure will be about 3-5 ft tall, and will have a full body image of a person on plexy glass with a slogan of some sort sitting next to the person. When black lights are turned on, another layer of plexy glass will show in front of the first image, with bones showing (some broken) and an altered new version of the slogan (or new words just shown in the same slogan to change it slightly). I imagine it to be presented like you’d see it as a large ad on a bus stop.

    Size: 3-5 ft tall and width TBD

    Imagery: Person walking, possibly background imagery including a road, city buildings, etc and human bones.

    To be presented: A large boxed in ad with two layers of plexy glass close together (thin enough to frame onto a bus stop) and a black light at bottom (possibly top as well), which allows me to show what happens between the two images with the light on and off.


  12. Kyle Powley

    For my final project I want to make an animation relating to the relationship between people and technology/social media. I want to show my animation on a small television I purchased and do some media transfer on to the screen.


  13. Allison Nelson
    Section 2

    For my final project I have picked option 2, Nature Meets Machine. I plan to do this project as many small parts made up into large parts. Due to my limited budget I am choosing to work with what I have available to my use without purchasing any new materials. My plan is to do transparancy transfer along with overlaying with drawing or painting. I want to incorperate my hobby of mail art into this project. My overview is to use about 20-30 small pieces, each measuring 3.5 in. by 2.5 in. I want to come up with a design that would make each indiviual piece a piece in its own but also one large piece when all are combined.

    I don’t exactly have an idea down on what I want to do my project on specifically but I do have some ideas that I want to research further and get a better handle on what I want to make for this project.


  14. Keegan Burckhard
    Sec 002

    I’ll do option 5 of making my own project. I will be making video that contains mixed media. I have an idea I have been wanting to do for a while. I will be shooting my pet gecko on a green screen running around and eating stuff. Later I will key out the green screen and add in drawings, paintings, photographs, and other videos to make a really unique scene. It should have a collage feel with many layers. The final video can be submitted on a flash drive or I can put it on Youtube/Vimeo.


  15. For my final project i will be elaborating on the narrative project by creating a children’s book that includes illustrations, text, and a hand rendered cover for the book. I will be creating all the pages on Adobe Illustrator and printing them onto a book, I will then scan in my hand rendered book cover and print it out.


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