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Art 2016 Assignment:

Please BRING to CLASS NEXT TUESDAY, ONE IMAGE FOR EACH FOLDER in the class imagebank on google drive.
REMIX CATEGORIES Each Folder in the Image Bank has 3 keywords

Each student must place one image into each folder that somehow connects to the keyword topics. The Images MUST BE ORIGINAL, and in no way can they borrow or steal from the internet. The images can be photos, drawings, or mixed media of any kind. The images must be flat (PNGs and JPGs are good at high 300ppi resolution).

Name each image with Keyword_YourName.


Patterns / Texture / Rhythm

Technology / Blueprints / Maps

Animals / Creatures / Monsters

Nature / Landscape / Organic

Urban / Structures / Architecture

Culture / Heritage / History

Travel / Transportation / Motion

Books / Stories / Fiction

People / Anatomy / Sports

Space / Outerspace / Weather