REMIX WRAP-UP > Spring 2016

REMIX WRAP-UP > The assignment asks you to develop combinatory creativity, drawing from the class imagebank and generating multiple versions of your own unique mashed-up images. The goals of the assignment are to discover new ways of working with borrowed imagery, to explore using layers and tools in photoshop, to find new rhythms of work while maintaining an open, playful and experimental attitude. All imagery should be originally generated by students in the class (photos, drawings, designs). The project requires you to test techniques of mixing imagery in many ways. Your final folder should show evidence of your various experimental versions.

Please Note these Dates:

Tuesday March 1 : Finish 16″ Remix Squares, (UMD stores will cut 16 inch squares of adhesive foamcore for purchase next week so that prints can be mounted)

Thursday March 3 : Multiple Digital Versions and Print Square DUE

What should you include in your final remix folder ? :
• images you contributed to class IMAGE BANK
(you contributed at least one image to each folder)
• repeat pattern tests for game textures
• snapshots of image transfer tests onto materials
• folder with 10-20 VERSIONS of your remix square
• final 16”x16” square

Name your folder : YourName_Remix_Final
Name each image : yourname_remix_version1, yourname_remix_version2…

Upload your folder with all your versions and other evidence of digital work on the remix project to our class google drive folder: Art2016_Remix_WrapUp_spring16

Tues March 15: No Class, use time for a workday on mixed-media or View Digital Nation video online

Thursday March 17 : Mixed-Media Image transfer Remix DUE
(either a 3d object, or a large 2D work at least 32 inches)