Mosaic Project / Self Portraits in the Digital Age

Digital Art Students: I will introduce this project in class and share many more examples.

In the era of selfies, this digital art project poses a question: What is portraiture in the digital age? Consider the history of portraiture, especially self-portraits by artists, and how the era is reflected in the style of the portrait.

Look at these:

More examples:

Mosaic Project Intro Slideshow / Low-rez

ART 2016 Mosaic Project : Create a self-portrait that reflects your own identity as an artist in this contemporary age. Your portrait must also engage the concept of mosaic in digital media and should be assembled from multiple pieces that together form the whole. Allow the divisions between these pieces to play an active role in the image dynamics of the portrait. As tiled images these should reflect the multiplicity and fragmentation of personal identity in the digital age. Consider mixing traditional techniques (drawing, painting, etc) with digital techniques. Employ art principles to strengthen image unity (color, line, texture, etc). Assemble a dynamic image that contains both unity and surprise. Work at appropriate image resolution for quality output. Plan ahead for a final work at large scale (at least 20 inches in one direction.) Assemble mixed-media to highest quality final craft.

Digital Artist Research Assignment

More info on the Digital Art Research Assignment in Class Today.
Students will be selecting artists to research and uploading images and short info to the class google slides…

Here is an alphabetical  list of Digital Artists from the book Digital Art by Christiane Paul

Rebecca Allen Emergence
Mark Amerika Markamerica; Grammatron; Filmtext
Cory Arcangel
ASCII Art Ensemble

David Blair WAXWEB
Christian-A. Bohn Liquid Views
Natalie Bookchin ; Intruder; Metapet
Lisa Brenneis Desktop Theater
James Buckhouse Tap
Heath Bunting ; Read Me
Bureau of Inverse Technologies Bureau of Inverse Technology
Nancy Burson

John Canny PRoP Personal Roving Presence
Adam Chapman Impermanence Agent
Janet Cohen The Unreliable Archivist
Brody Condon Velvet-Strike
Vuk Cosic
Luc Courchesne
LiseAnne Couture Asymptote
Critical Art Ensemble Critical Art Ensemble
Nick Crowe
Walter van der Cruijsen
Charles Csuri

Peter D’Agostino Newtechlab
Charlotte Davies immersence
Joshua Davis praystation
Jaap de Jonge Speakers Corner
Tennessee RiceDixon Scrutiny in the Great Round
Judith Donath
Toni Dove

Electronic Café International
Electronic Disturbance Theater

Fakeshop ; Capsule Hotel
Ken Feingold
Monika Fleischmann ; Liquid Views
Keith Frank The Unreliable Archivist
Luka Frelih
Benjamin Fry; Valence
Matthew Fuller ; TextFM, WebStalker

Alex Galloway Carnivore
Kit Galloway
Jim Gasperini Scrutiny in the Great Round
Jesse Gilbert Adrift
Ken Goldberg
Jeff Gompertz Fakeshop; Capsule Hotel
Colin Green I/O/D
Scott Griesbach

Kazuhiko Hachiya
Emily Hartzell Alice sat here
Graham Harwood mongrelx; TextFM, Rehearsal of Memory, Uncomfortable Proximity
Joan Hemskeerk jodi;
My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (Wolfenstein version), SOD Untitled Game
Jochem Hendricks
Lynn Hershman
Perry Hoberman
Dieter Huber

Institute for Applied Autonomy Institute for Applied Autonomy; iSee
Jon Ippolito The Unreliable Archivist
Toshio Iwai  works

Mervin Jarman Mongrelx
Adriene Jenik Desktop Theater
Natalie Jeremijenko; One Tree
Lisa Jevbratt ; 1:1
jodi jodi; My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (Wolfenstein version),SOD; Untitled

Eduardo Kac
Andruid Kerne
John Klima ; Glasbead
Knowbotic Research

Tina LaPorta Re:mote_corprealities
Joan Leandre Velvet-Strike
George Legrady ; Pockets Full of Memories
Golan Levin Flong
Olia Lialina ; My Boyfriend came back from the war/The Last Net Art
Matt Locke Speakers Corner
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

John Maeda  studio
Steve Mann
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy mccoyspace
Alex McLean slab laboratories
Mongrel mongrelx
Brion Moss Impermanence Agent
Mouchette mouchette
Andreas Müller-Pohle equivalence
Antonio Muntadas The File Room
Prema Murthy fakeshop; Capsule Hotel

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Michael Naimark
Mark Napier potatoland; Riot
Nettime Nettime
Robert Nideffer PROXY

Old Boys Network Old Boys Network
Josh On They Rule

Dirk Paesmans; My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (Wolfenstein version),
SOD; Untitled Game
W. Bradford Paley TextArc
Nancy Paterson Nancy Paterson
Eric Paulos PRoP, Personal Roving Presence
Richard Pierre-Davis Mongrelx
Simon Pope IOD

Sherrie Rabinowitz ecafe
Radical Software Group RSG Carnivore
Tom Ray Tierra
Michael Rees
Kenneth Rinaldo emergent systems
David Rokeby

Warren Sack Conversation Map
Anne-Marie Schleiner Velvet-Strike
Lillian Schwartz
Jeffrey Shaw
Alexei Shulgin
John F. Simon Jr Numeral Art Projects
Karl Sims Galapagos
David Small
Scott Snibbe
Nina Sobell Alice sat here
Sommerer and Mignonneau
Stahl Stenslie
Wolfgang Strauss ; Liquid Views
Surveillance Camera Players

Tamiko Thiel
Thomson & Craighead
Helen Thorington Adrift – Charles Lim, Tien Woon, Tay Hak Peng, Charles Moy, Melvin Phua, Tan
Kok Yam

Camille Utterback
Victoria Vesna vv. arts; Bodies, Inc.; n0time

Marek Walczak ; Adrift; Apartment
Adrian Ward Ade Ward home; Auto-Illustrator
Noah Wardrip-Fruin Impermanence Agent
Martin Wattenberg ; Apartment
Grahame Weinbren
Duane Whitehurst Impermanence Agent
Maciej Wisniewski netomat™
Adrianne Wortzel Camouflage Town

Matsuko Yokoji mongrelx