Mixed-Media Inkjet Printing Kit

Want to test using inkjet transfer methods in your art projects?
Art 2016 and other students can now purchase this kit of experimental inkjet paper samples at the UMD Stores / Art Supplies Area…

Mixed-Media Inkjet Kit INCLUDES:
1 sheet cotton inkjet
1 sheet silk inkjet
2 white t shirt transfers
2 inkjet transparencies
1 sheet lazertran
2×2 white sheet-like material
Each sample has directions folded around the matching item.

The kit sells for $14.82 and we have them on the flat file.

Digital Tools

Hi Joellyn,
I came across a video of a digital art device called the I/O Brush. It has been around
for a year or two so you may have seen it, but thought I’d send just in case you haven’t.
I am amazed by what can be done with it. It is essentially a camera brush that picks up color, texture and video that you can paint with on a special screen canvas. It is just unbelievable and I thought you would really like to see it.
Happy Viewing,

There are video demonstrations towards the bottom of the page.