Postcard from the Future / digital compositing

This blog collects info on how rising seas will affect any coastal city in the U.S.

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The 100 Years Rising blog

BURN : an energy journal

BURN is a public radio show about energy and climate change around the world


What will Miami look like in 2100?

Surging Seas> data and maps

Map pages show threats from sea level rise and storm surge to all 3000+ coastal towns, cities, counties and states in the Lower 48. Click on a label to get started, or type a zip or name in the search box – See more at:

Use your imagination (and photoshop skills) to visualize a dystopian or utopian cityscape in the year 2100… Screen grab a photo of a coastal city on google street view…

Or find one on Wikimedia Commons (look for a public domain image)

then digital composite your postcard from the future…integrating water, wild life, urban decay…or engineering solutions to the changing environment.

What will Miami, New York, Baltimore, New Orleans…look like as seas rise? Will human culture adapt and continue to inhabit these locations…

Or will everyone flee the coastal zones and move to … Duluth?

“This is where the talent wants to live”

A New Type of Growing City


Oliver Wasow / Photography

Postcards from the future / London:


Nickolay Lamm’s images of the future

Also fun: Paradise Lost: Twisted Postcards From Dystopic Vacations