“Cityscape 2095″ Mixed-Media + Digital

See project on Art 2.1 | New Frontier at Sundance 2013: Augmented Space in “Cityscape 2095″     http://www.art21.org/node/8621

Jacquet/Legoman and Ferrario/Mandril use a mixture of architectural influences to co-author an urban text that feels strangely familiar but is also impossible to locate. It is a representation of the artists’ utopia—a futuristic world within the real world, or a physical space augmented by the virtual. The idea was to show the passing of a day in an imaginary city in fast-forward. In the early hours of the day, the scene is sparse and line-based; but, as time passes, the imagery grows until it becomes urban semiotic overload—a desert of the (physical and hyper) Real.

Cityscape 2095 + interview from Yannick Jacquet (Legoman) on Vimeo.

AntiVJ present :
Cityscape 2095   an audiovisual installation by :

Legoman (3D animation)
Mandril (drawing)
Thomas Vaquie (sound design)

This project has been presented for the first time at the Mapping festival of Geneva from the 19th through the 29th of May 2011




Shot and edited by Jerome Monnot
(additional footage by Yannick Jacquet)


Tales + Things

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Sticky bits

Various projects like Totem, Itizen and StickyBits use objects as a starting point for sharing personal stories.


In each case, these projects are using some version of barcode technology to connect stories to objects and share them via the web.