Fall 2014 Digital Narrative Project

Fairy tales and Myths can provide a rich starting point for a digital media project. Passed down from oral storytellers through literary traditions to new media, they are always altered by retelling to reflect the needs of the storyteller and the aesthetics of the time. Because the story is so well known, it can be altered significantly and still remain resonant and recognizable to the contemporary audience. In 10 images, tell a a very old story in a new way. Final Reflections and links to webgalleries posted to comments here

Beauty and the Beast by Anna Frank

More examples of student projects… (see links in comments for more projects)


detail / Mitchell Ringness

The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

retold as first person game


detail / Rapunzel by Erica Kachinske


Birth of Venus by Kinzie Longley


Monkey King (detail) by Va Yang


post-production storyboards / Megan Ahlberg’s Cinderella

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The Path / Red Riding Hood game



An ancient tale retold in a modern medium. Bring each of six present-day red ridinghoods to their grandmother’s house at the other side of a dark forest. The path is straight and safe. The woods are wide and bewitching and teeming with terrifying treasures. A wolf waits there for every girl.


Tale of Tales is a videogames development studio, founded in 2003 and run by Auriea Harvey and Michaƫl Samyn out of Belgium. View other games:


New Platforms for Digital Storytelling


Filmmaker Magazine and MIT Media Lab team up on this series of blog articles about new forms of digital storytelling

Storytelling Platforms discussed…

Zeega http://zeega.com/

Korsakow http://korsakow.org/

StoryPlanet https://www.storyplanet.com/index

Klynt http://www.klynt.net/

3WDOC http://www.3wdoc.com/en/

Galahad http://www.theshadowgang.com/


Book Art | Off Book | PBS Arts

Books are in a conflicted state. Should they still exist in a digital era? Will they all be replaced by Kindles and Nooks? These questions dominate the discussion of books in our time. A select group of artists, who use books as their medium, engage this discussion from another angle. From pop culture pop-ups, to surreal sculptural stories, to reformations of antique sacred texts, these creators re-envision what the experience of a book can be. At times playful, and other times profound, this episode explores the boundaries of one of the most important human creations.
Matthew Reinhart, Paper Engineer
Andrea Dezso, Book Artist
Carole Kunstadt, Book Artist