ASSIGNMENT >> To Sleep Perchance to Dream

ASSIGNMENT >> To Sleep Perchance to Dream
Work with personal ideas about sleep and dreams to develop a conceptual approach to the theme. Create original imagery on the sleep/dream theme using digital tools. Images may be illustrative, abstract, photographic or any mix. Experiment with tactile media and iron-on image transfer process to integrate digital imagery onto fabric. Use both compositional space and limited materials inventively to solve this problem. Craft a final mixed-media work that creatively uses both sides of a cotton pillowcase.

FINAL finished pillowcases will be DUE on Monday March 5.

Inspiration on blog:


Pillowcase Art / Sleep + Dreams

Look > Printable Pillowcases:

Here is a stop motion music video about sleep + dreams:

“Her Morning Elegance” – from the album “The Opposite Side of the Sea”, written and produced by Oren Lavie. © 2009 A Quarter Past Wonderful.
and there are parodies too…

Pillowcases by Miranda July
“Here you will dream of endless kissing” and “Here you will dream of people you admire exposing your fraudulence” pillowcase set.

Captured Dreams:
20 pillows (45×45 cm each), 225 x 180 cm

Why is it always so difficult to memorize the dreams that we have during the night? They usually quickly escape out of our minds as if they were sneaking away and hiding the traces. If we could believe that thoughts find materiality then also our dreams might have the material shape as well. Then where do they actually disappear? Might they be stored somewhere? They can visit our minds several times per night, and often they just slip by barely touching our consciousness for a short while.
The work “Captured Dreams” is an allegoric attempt to visualize the idea of the existence
of pillows that could capture dreams and display them. As though the latent image is revealed during the photographic procession after putting it in developing chemicals…

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The Art of Sleep

THE ART OF SLEEP, 2006, was commissioned by YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES for Tate Museum Online, to coincide with the opening of the Frieze Art Fair in London.
Employing their usual mix of animated black and white typography, jazzy music and humor, the work explores the international contemporary art market from the artists’ perspective, through the use of an insomniac narrator musing over its persuasion.

Somnio Ergo Sum: I Dream therefore I Exist


Somnio ergo sum is a personal project by artist/designer Dorian Gourg who lives in Paris.

Here is a quote from his website:

Dreaming and developing an esoteric side of one’s personality has became the cure to protect ourselves from the undercurrent and ubiquitous philosophy of these times, mercantilism dogmas. By associating a “Back to nature” quest with a material disengagement, we are revisiting the antic beliefs and myths, we are exploring the inmost depths of the human spirit. This is the new purpose of thinking nowadays, not to find our place in the world like Descartes but searching our place amongst others, without loosing our own originality. Escaping from reality to find refuge in the fields of dreams, imagination and surrealism: “We are able to be spiritual therefore we are.”

He also has a blog that is full of dreamlike composites and surprising juxtapositions:

Other dream-like collections of images: