Layer Tennis in Photoshop

What Is Layer Tennis?

… a series of live design events called Layer Tennis, played by remixing images in rounds using digital art tools…

UP NEXT: Friday, April 3, 2009 – An All-UK Match with

Simon Cook vs Rex Crowle with commentary by Anne Ward

a Special Early Starting Time ( 10AM Minnesota time)


Two competitors swap a file back and forth in real-time, adding to and embellishing the work. Each artist gets fifteen minutes to complete a “volley” and then we post that to the site live. The players may be designers, animators, illustrators or pretty much anything else, and they can use any tool or application they like. The match progresses volley by volley. A third participant, a writer, provides play-by-play commentary on the action as it happens. The match lasts for ten volleys and when it’s complete, opinioned Season Ticket Holders sound off and we declare a winner. Check Tennis HQ for more information and links to past matches.

more info> and sign up for free season tickets…

Layer Tennis is a series of live design events on Friday afternoons presented by AdobeĀ® Creative SuiteĀ® 4.

View example matches on youtube…