RiP! A Remix Manifesto

Digital Art Mixed-Media  / Online Viewing Assignment

RiP! A Remix Manifesto (it’s about 86 minutes)

Please view full video online. Take notes on what you find most revealing or surprising about the contemporary practice of remix artists. Does the video raise issues about your own use of digital media… in your artwork or your life? How does the video relate to recent internet blackout/protest and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) legislation? Do you side with the CopyLEFT or the CopyRIGHT?

RiP: A Remix Manifesto from Laurent LaSalle on Vimeo. your comments (about 150 words). We will discuss in class the following week.


My Mind’s Eye: Portraits Inspired by Shakespeare’s First Folio

My_Minds_Eye_web_articleMy Mind’s Eye: Portraits Inspired by Shakespeare’s First Folio
Reception: Oct. 3, 5-7 PM
On View: Oct. 3 – 27, 2016

In honor of Shakespeare’s First Folio visit to Duluth, the DAI is hosting a portrait exhibition exploring artists’ unique renditions of their favorite characters from Shakespeare plays.

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For more info on Shakespeare’s First Folio, visit




In honor of Shakespeare’s First Folio visit to Duluth, the Duluth Art Institute is announcing an open call for submissions to a portrait exhibit featuring artists’ imaginative renderings of famous characters from Shakespeare’s plays. We’re accepting 2D as well as 3D work but space is limited so 2D work is encouraged.

Work Guidelines:
• Work should represent a character from a Shakespeare play but the word ‘represent’ can be taken very loosely. Be as creative as the Bard himself when creating your work! Click here for character examples.
• Any form, style, or medium of art is acceptable.
• Work cannot exceed 6’ in any direction.
• All hung work must not exceed 40lbs, and must be READY TO HANG.
• All freestanding works must support their weight and may not be attached to the floor.
• Work may be for sale (but is not required). The Duluth Art Institute takes a 40% commission on all gallery sales so please set price accordingly

• Please notify Anne Dugan that you wish to participate by August 1st
• Finished work is due to the DAI offices by September 9

Please include the following:
• Name/Address/Phone/Email
• Character that inspired the work

DAI Executive & Artistic Director Anne Dugan