Filmmaker/visiting artist Danièle Wilmouth

Filmmaker/video artist Danièle Wilmouth

Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 6pm in Boh 90.


Danièle Wilmouth is an artist working primarily in experimental and

documentary filmaking. Her undergraduate studies focused on

printmaking, video, installation, photography and performance at

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Tyler School of Art in

Rome. She later earned an MFA n 16mm filmmaking at the School of the

Art Institute of Chicago.


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Design History Research

Graphic Design 1 students:
Select your ten best design examples of your topic for use in a short presentation to the class. Presentations should be 10 images / 10 minutes of clear identification of qualities present in your design period. Identify: formal qualities like line, shape, color, use of space. Identify: typography of the period. Identify: important designers + artists who shaped the movement. Identify: social conditions that shaped the movement (political, philosophical, cultural, technological?). Boil down the highlights into your 10 minute talk (that’s about one minute per slide.)

Please post a short descriptive paragraph about your topic to the comments below. Outline the key identifying qualities, dates and designers for the topic. Include your name and your topic name at the top of your comment. Include three links to more info and images related to your topic on the web.
(please post your paragraph by March 24) (150-200 words).

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