Digital Portraits

What is a portrait in the digital age?

Using a mixture of media and techniques in Adobe Photoshop, students in Digital Studio class created digital self-portraits. These large-format mosaics riff on the complexity of contemporary student life.

Murat as Zach Kampa
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Currently on view in the VizLab windows are works by:

Matt Mulliner
Ben Luoma
Kevin Marx
Zach Kampa
Natalie St. Marie
Jordan Harper


Dijital Pasaj

Digital Studio students are in-process

on a new project called Dijital Pasaj,

Turkish for Digital Passageway.


Each student chose a site in Duluth to document +

transform into a short digital narrative,

imitating the technique of rotoscoping as a unifying visual style.


Gig Night story by Ben Luoma

This interactive project will become part of our exchange with Turkish students in Ankara, offering them a quirky view of our city. They will be able to access the website, clicking spots on the map interface to download the short Quicktime movies that take them on a tour of offbeat locations around town.


Lift Bridge story by Matt Mulliner

Short Descriptions of the subject matter of movies made by students for the project…

(50 – 70 words)

Typography and Graphic Design in Turkey

Halime Fisenk and Murat Devrim Atilgan, graphic design faculty from Baskent University (Ankara, Turkey) presented lectures on Typography and Graphic Design in Turkey to our students in the Tweed Museum.


Halime, Amber and Murat

These two professors visited with students in Art + Design classes during their week long visit to Duluth this February. They finished their lectures in the Tweed just in time for the blizzard to hit, shutting down the university and the city for several days…