Kirk Tingblad Animation Lecture

Last Thursday UMD alumni Kirk Tingblad visited our campus and gave two talks to students about his career in animation. Kirk has worked for Warner Bros and Cartoon Network on award winning projects such as Pinky and the Brain, Johnny Bravo, Space Jam, Animaniacs and other cartoons…

Here are some comments from students about his talks:


UMD Fall 06 :: Art + Design Lecture Series

Please plan to attend as many of the Art + Design Guest Lectures in the Tweed Musem as you can!

Kyong Ae Cho
Tweed Lecture, 6:00pm, Tues, September 19. (Residency dates: September 18-23)
fiber and mixed media

William Carlson
Tweed Lecture: Thurs, September 28,
(time TBA)
glass artist

Rick Valicenti
Tweed Lecture: 6:00pm, Tues, October 3
(Residency dates: October 2-4, 2006)
graphic designer

Paul Pfeiffer
Tweed Lecture: 6:00pm, Tues, October 17,
(Residency dates: October 16-18, 2006)
video, sculpture, and photography

Clarence Morgan
Tweed Lecture: 6:00pm, Tues, December 5,
(Residency dates: December 4-7, 2006)
painter + printmaker